Thursday, 15 July 2021

Top 3 Wedding Themes in 2021

Why are theme weddings so popular these days?

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, to make it memorable, there are various themes such as - fairytale weddings, beach weddings, musical weddings, vintage weddings, floral weddings, and the options are endless. 

Here are the Top 3 Wedding themes that you would love, to shortlist for your big day. 

#1 Indoor Garden Wedding Theme:

This theme is perfect for hot summers and heavy monsoons. 

Indoor Garden Weddings are currently one of the trendiest Indian wedding themes! 

Here are different ways you can get creative with your Indoor garden wedding theme:

  • Decoration: 

Use flowers and ferns as a part of decoration and stage hangers. Indoor plants such as flower pots and palm trees can be placed in the wedding hall. 

You can also place a small flower pot on each table for the guests. You can choose artificial grass mats for the entire floor of the room. Artificial streams, lakes or fish ponds can be used to add the additional factor. 

  • Outfit : 

You can wear a floral patterned outfit. You can go for flower printed shoes, hats, ties, shirts, and salwar kameez for your Haldi, Mehndi, or bachelor parties.

  • Wedding music: 

Ask your wedding DJ to play garden sounds and bird chirps as an ambiance noise. This will create a lively feel for your wedding.

#2 Beach Wedding:

Beach weddings are attractive for several reasons such as - the combination of wind and waves overlooking the sea that creates an outdoor romantic environment.

This theme is very different from the typical traditional weddings that are usually celebrated in temples or other complex indoor spaces such as wedding halls.

One advantage with Beach weddings is that even the small additions with respect to decorations or food can make your wedding super fancy and beautiful.

  • Decoration: 

The entrance to the main place or the mandapam can be decorated with bamboo and lush green sheets to create a tropical gateway to your dream beach wedding. 

We suggest you consider incorporating natural elements and textures and use bold and vibrant flowers to give a festive feel to your wedding. 

  • Outfit:

A lightweight silk saree is an ideal fabric for your outfit. 

Silver and blue-colored bangles compliment the ocean and sky and if you are wearing the red colored bangles can be associated with the bud of the flower and are best suited for brides.

#3 Fairytale Wedding:

The difference between a traditional wedding and a fairytale wedding lies in the details. 

Although the basic components are the same (you need a beautiful outfit, a venue, etc.), your choice will depend on the magic and the wonders you create for the theme. 

  • Decoration:

Choose your decoration and colors according to the wedding season. 

For a wonderful winter wedding, use gold or silver sequins in dark red or blue tones. For a pleasant spring wedding, include cakes with lovely colors. For a fine summer wedding, choose dark and gloomy themes or bright rainbow tones. 

We suggest you use decorations such as silk flower bouquet centerpieces, blooming archways, cinderella carriages, rose petals in the pathway, etc.

  • Outfit:

Depending on your wedding decor, you can pick soft colors like pink, peach, or pastels for your wedding outfits. 

Be it a destination wedding or a lavish wedding in your city, we at Kalyanamalai are here to always help you to convert your wedding ideas into a dream wedding.


Which wedding theme did you like the most? 

Share it with us in the comments below. 


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