Monday, 26 July 2021

3 Best Wedding Locations in Chennai

 Wedding ceremonies are one of the purest and most auspicious ceremonies. 

One thing that makes this event memorable is a perfect venue. So we have hand-picked the best, elegant, and majestic 3 destination locations in Chennai just for you!

  1. Rina's Venue 

Rina’s Venue is a farmhouse located at ECR, Chennai which features a traditional house set on a green lawn. 

Be it a cozy cocktail evening or an evening for a huge reception for over a thousand guests, Rina’s Venue can accommodate it all. 


This 6,000 sq ft, beautifully built and exhibited property is impressive. Be it the detailed woodwork of the magnificent entrance or the inner courtyard flanked by majestic wood, this is a dream place to exchange your wedding vows. 

This is a replica of a traditional South Indian house, away from the noise and craziness of the city. 

If you are someone who wants a landscape wedding then you should check - 

  1. M Conventions 

M Conventions is an apt choice for a beautiful landscape wedding. This property is located in a fabulous location in Chennai, and that surely adds to the overall value of the venue.

This hall is one of the most beautiful banquet halls in the city with modern conveniences decorated and maintained according to the highest standards. 

This hall is equipped to cater to the needs of global travelers and guests. The ambiance style is contemporary with a bit of minimalism and elegance. They also have a team of dedicated, passionate, and hardworking staff, who strive to fulfill their customer's needs. 

This wedding venue is simply gorgeous and has hosted numerous wedding events and social celebrations. 

Do you want to take a rest, have games, part, and various amenities on your special day? 

Then the next venue has it all -

  1. Esthell – The Village Resort

It’s time to celebrate your special moments with your loved ones at Esthell The Village Resort. 

It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a peaceful and luxurious environment for luxurious weddings. 

Esthell The Village Resort is designed to give a village ambiance, and this would make your wedding celebrations unique.

You will be impressed by the first-class amenities and impressive event facilities provided by Esthell. 

This luxurious wedding location is a great choice if you have multiple events planned. They have hosted many celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings which makes Esthell - The Village Resort a perfect wedding venue.

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