Monday, 26 July 2021

7 Beauty Tips for a Bride to Be

 The day is almost here! A day that you have dreamt of since childhood. 

And when everyone is watching you, you deserve to have flawless skin. 

But, like all good things, it takes extra effort and care to get there. Taking good care of the bride's skin requires going beyond your usual skincare routine. 

Bridal Care - 1 YEAR before your wedding

Do you think it is too early to start your skincare routine one year before marriage? 

Well, it certainly is not. 

Different skin conditions, such as dry spots, sunburn, and hyperpigmentation take a long time to heal. 

And considering how busy you would be while organizing your wedding, you will have to make minor adjustments to your daily life and beauty care to give you the glow that you look forward to. 

Your wedding preparation would be incomplete if these basic beauty tips are not followed 1 year before the wedding. 

#1 Start getting regular body massages:

The ancient science of Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of using oils to massage the body to treat skin problems. Oil massage is a great way to nourish your skin and provides deep relaxation. 

100% natural Ayurvedic treatment oil can be used to treat skin problems such as sunburn and hyperpigmentation. This type of procedure is important while preparing for an Indian wedding.

Bridal care - 6 MONTHS before your wedding 

Six months before your wedding is a relatively stress-free period and gives you time to develop healthy habits and lifestyles. 

Here are some things that will help you enhance your natural beauty.

#2 Start a healthy diet

It is no secret that whatever you eat reflects on your skin. 

So our first pre-bridal tip is not to follow a complicated procedure but to choose the right diet for you. You can also consult a nutritionist to develop a customized healthy diet plan for you.  

We strongly recommend that you gradually:

  • Eliminate sugar and carbohydrates in your diet. 

  • Avoid food such as potato chips, chocolate, ice cream, or soda, as these foods mainly cause skin swelling and rashes. Instead consume fruits, vegetables, and egg whites. 

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking fluids such as coconut water and lime water. Also, remember to include green tea in your diet to get a healthy dose of antioxidants.

#3 Beauty treatment

Six months before the wedding is a good time to start a monthly facial. 

Before applying the product to your face, be sure to take a patch test. 

If you have any skin problems, we suggest you talk to the beauticianist before your facial treatment so that they can recommend the product that would suit your skin.

#4 Get quality sleep

The last thing you want to see on the wedding day is dark circles around your eyes, so we recommend 8-10 hours of sleep every night.  

Trust us when we say this,  sleep is everything! 

When do you think all the regeneration and formation of cells and tissues in the body happen? 

It happens when we sleep well. Not only this, the relaxed breathing state during sleep calms our central nervous system and reduces stress.

So don't underestimate the importance of good sleep for your skin and mental health.

Bridal Care - 3 MONTHS before your wedding 

#5 Go All Natural To Detox Your Skin

Avoid products that contain harsh chemicals three months before the wedding. 

Switching to natural skin care products that will not harm your skin and this detoxification will be beneficial for you.

Another way to detox your skin is regular exfoliation. 

Dead cells accumulated over time can make your skin dull and lifeless. Removing this layer of dead cells will make your skin look fresh and vibrant. 

Start with a mild scrub once a week and then perform two scrubs per week. 

Beautiful, radiant, and glowing skin is not only important on your wedding day but if you develop good habits a few months before the wedding, you should try to keep up with them so that your skin stays hydrated and clear for a long time!

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3 Best Wedding Locations in Chennai

 Wedding ceremonies are one of the purest and most auspicious ceremonies. 

One thing that makes this event memorable is a perfect venue. So we have hand-picked the best, elegant, and majestic 3 destination locations in Chennai just for you!

  1. Rina's Venue 

Rina’s Venue is a farmhouse located at ECR, Chennai which features a traditional house set on a green lawn. 

Be it a cozy cocktail evening or an evening for a huge reception for over a thousand guests, Rina’s Venue can accommodate it all. 


This 6,000 sq ft, beautifully built and exhibited property is impressive. Be it the detailed woodwork of the magnificent entrance or the inner courtyard flanked by majestic wood, this is a dream place to exchange your wedding vows. 

This is a replica of a traditional South Indian house, away from the noise and craziness of the city. 

If you are someone who wants a landscape wedding then you should check - 

  1. M Conventions 

M Conventions is an apt choice for a beautiful landscape wedding. This property is located in a fabulous location in Chennai, and that surely adds to the overall value of the venue.

This hall is one of the most beautiful banquet halls in the city with modern conveniences decorated and maintained according to the highest standards. 

This hall is equipped to cater to the needs of global travelers and guests. The ambiance style is contemporary with a bit of minimalism and elegance. They also have a team of dedicated, passionate, and hardworking staff, who strive to fulfill their customer's needs. 

This wedding venue is simply gorgeous and has hosted numerous wedding events and social celebrations. 

Do you want to take a rest, have games, part, and various amenities on your special day? 

Then the next venue has it all -

  1. Esthell – The Village Resort

It’s time to celebrate your special moments with your loved ones at Esthell The Village Resort. 

It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a peaceful and luxurious environment for luxurious weddings. 

Esthell The Village Resort is designed to give a village ambiance, and this would make your wedding celebrations unique.

You will be impressed by the first-class amenities and impressive event facilities provided by Esthell. 

This luxurious wedding location is a great choice if you have multiple events planned. They have hosted many celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings which makes Esthell - The Village Resort a perfect wedding venue.

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Thursday, 15 July 2021

Top 3 Wedding Themes in 2021

Why are theme weddings so popular these days?

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, to make it memorable, there are various themes such as - fairytale weddings, beach weddings, musical weddings, vintage weddings, floral weddings, and the options are endless. 

Here are the Top 3 Wedding themes that you would love, to shortlist for your big day. 

#1 Indoor Garden Wedding Theme:

This theme is perfect for hot summers and heavy monsoons. 

Indoor Garden Weddings are currently one of the trendiest Indian wedding themes! 

Here are different ways you can get creative with your Indoor garden wedding theme:

  • Decoration: 

Use flowers and ferns as a part of decoration and stage hangers. Indoor plants such as flower pots and palm trees can be placed in the wedding hall. 

You can also place a small flower pot on each table for the guests. You can choose artificial grass mats for the entire floor of the room. Artificial streams, lakes or fish ponds can be used to add the additional factor. 

  • Outfit : 

You can wear a floral patterned outfit. You can go for flower printed shoes, hats, ties, shirts, and salwar kameez for your Haldi, Mehndi, or bachelor parties.

  • Wedding music: 

Ask your wedding DJ to play garden sounds and bird chirps as an ambiance noise. This will create a lively feel for your wedding.

#2 Beach Wedding:

Beach weddings are attractive for several reasons such as - the combination of wind and waves overlooking the sea that creates an outdoor romantic environment.

This theme is very different from the typical traditional weddings that are usually celebrated in temples or other complex indoor spaces such as wedding halls.

One advantage with Beach weddings is that even the small additions with respect to decorations or food can make your wedding super fancy and beautiful.

  • Decoration: 

The entrance to the main place or the mandapam can be decorated with bamboo and lush green sheets to create a tropical gateway to your dream beach wedding. 

We suggest you consider incorporating natural elements and textures and use bold and vibrant flowers to give a festive feel to your wedding. 

  • Outfit:

A lightweight silk saree is an ideal fabric for your outfit. 

Silver and blue-colored bangles compliment the ocean and sky and if you are wearing the red colored bangles can be associated with the bud of the flower and are best suited for brides.

#3 Fairytale Wedding:

The difference between a traditional wedding and a fairytale wedding lies in the details. 

Although the basic components are the same (you need a beautiful outfit, a venue, etc.), your choice will depend on the magic and the wonders you create for the theme. 

  • Decoration:

Choose your decoration and colors according to the wedding season. 

For a wonderful winter wedding, use gold or silver sequins in dark red or blue tones. For a pleasant spring wedding, include cakes with lovely colors. For a fine summer wedding, choose dark and gloomy themes or bright rainbow tones. 

We suggest you use decorations such as silk flower bouquet centerpieces, blooming archways, cinderella carriages, rose petals in the pathway, etc.

  • Outfit:

Depending on your wedding decor, you can pick soft colors like pink, peach, or pastels for your wedding outfits. 

Be it a destination wedding or a lavish wedding in your city, we at Kalyanamalai are here to always help you to convert your wedding ideas into a dream wedding.


Which wedding theme did you like the most? 

Share it with us in the comments below. 


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Thursday, 8 July 2021

Kalyanamalai Success Story | Finally found the one!


Despite visiting different temples and performing several Poojas and Valipadus, Bhavani’s parents were finding it difficult to find the perfect match for their daughter. One day, as they were getting back from the temple, they saw Kalyanamalai’s show on SunTv. 

Bhavani’s parents were impressed by Kalyanamalai executives and looked for prospects for their members to find them a perfect match at the show, after which they decided to register their daughter as a member of Kalyanamalai. 

Bhavani’s family was positive about the fact that Kalyanamalai would find a perfect match for their daughter. After the family put down their expectations about the prospect, our team started their search to find Bhavani, a suitable match. 

And that’s how Rajesh’s horoscope matched with Bhavani’s. They met each other and decided to get engaged, both the families were very happy with the match. In April, Rajesh and Bhavani got married. 

We wish the happy couple - a happily ever after! 

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Friday, 2 July 2021

5 Things to consider while hiring a Wedding Photographer

Now that the date has been set and you have found your soulmate, it is time to find someone to capture the true essence of the most memorable day of your life - a great wedding photographer! 

Here are 5 things to consider while looking out for a wedding photographer:

  1. Hire an Experienced Wedding Photographer:


You can start your search by browsing online for the profiles of the most popular wedding photographers and you can move forward by shortlisting them based on their work. 


Make sure you check the comments and ratings, as it will give you a better understanding of their work. 

  1. Share your ideas and understand their point of view:

Wedding photographers are not mind readers. You will have to be very clear when you share your ideas and expectations. You will have to make sure that they have a total understanding of your ideas, timelines, intentions, and expectations. 


If you have something special or a list of photos to be taken, we suggest you inform the wedding photographer once they are hired so that they plan the shoot accordingly. 


Normally, wedding photographers will not click pictures of people who are close and important to you. Be sure to introduce the photographer to your close ones so that they can capture the more memorable moments of your wedding. 


  1. Photography Team Size:


After discussing your ideas and expectations, understand the size of the photography team. The ideal team size for wedding photography is two. 


Which is perfect for covering the entire wedding event. The first photographer focuses on the bride and groom, the second photographer can take pictures of the friends and family so that the wedding is covered properly.  


The second photographer can also assist the main photographer with lighting and equipment.

  1. Trust your photographer:

The trust you build on your wedding photographer will have a huge impact on your photographs. 

Keep in mind the shooting theme and concepts, your wedding photographer will lead you to the best results, because they have photographed hundreds of other weddings before yours. 

Their experience will make it easier for you to trust their skills. Your photographer will save you the trouble to look for the following things such as :

  1. Location

  2. Time of the shoot 

  3. Poses

  4. Editing your Photos

  5. Handling print of the photographs

As they would have done complete research on these for you and they will look into this so that you can have the more memorable photographs from your wedding.

  1. Discuss the Terms and Conditions:


You can get an agreement signed by you and the photographer to formally determine the expectations set for the wedding. 

Make sure the contract contains details such as:

  • The recording of the ceremony. 

  • The shooting date and time.

  • The photographer's photography rights.

  • License fees or security deposits, etc.

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