Friday, 18 June 2021

5 Grooming Tips every man should know before their wedding

It’s not only a bride’s job to look beautiful at the wedding, it is also important for the groom to look attractive. 

During the wedding preparation, grooms often forget to focus on improving their appearance. 

Here are some tips you need to know that will help you look the best on your big day 

  • Maintaining Physique:

Grooming not only means taking care of your face, it also means paying attention to every detail of your body. Daily exercise will not only make you look fit, but it will also refresh and energize you.

Your wedding is not just an ordinary day, it is the most important day of your life, so start working out to ace your attire.

  • Skincare Routine :

Skincare is one of the most important things to do before your wedding. Invest your money on good skincare products which will help your skin glow.

Wash your face regularly to minimize the risk of acne and pimples.  You can use natural ingredients such as honey, lemon, and cottage cheese which will make your skin glow brighter.

  • Manicure & Pedicure:

It is not enough to just take care of your face, on this day you should make sure you are groomed properly from top to toe, especially your hands and feet. 

Imagine the number of people attending your wedding? What impression will it leave, when they see your worn nails and uneven cuticle? 

Manicures and pedicures will beautifully change the dull appearance of your hands and feet leaving your skin looking beautiful and soft. 

It will relax your legs and remove dead skin from your hands and feet and keep them smooth and clean. 

It's time to wave goodbye to dead skin and welcome your friends and family with a smooth handshake!

  • Professional Shave:

Nothing can add a sophisticated look to your face more than a classy beard.  

Professional shaving can not only make the beard look even but will also help in emphasizing your facial features better.

  • Style your Hair:

Nothing can improve your appearance better than a cool and chic hairstyle. 

Visit the best salon in town and try new things to match your outfit a few weeks before the wedding so that if your hairstyle does not match your outfit perfectly, you will have time to work on it. 

This is how you can make the best impression at your wedding.

Grooming for men is underrated. 

 We think it is equally important for a man to look fresh, clean and handsome on their big day!

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Monday, 14 June 2021

5 Eye Makeup Trends For a Bride-To-Be

 A bride is supposed to take care of many things before the wedding, from wedding shopping, jewelry, and most importantly, makeup.

It is important to have beautiful eyes on your big day because that's something people notice first!

During this pandemic, masks play a major role. Which makes it important to focus on having perfect eye makeup. 

Here are the TOP 5 eye makeup trends for a Bride To Be

  • A Pop of Colors:

This look does not just apply to modern wear but goes well with sarees or lehengas too. 

We have seen many brides looking gorgeous with this trend for their weddings, and we highly suggest this to you future brides too. This eye makeup is unusual, interesting, and looks great on the eyes.

  • Natural Glam:

Regardless of your eye shape or skin tone, you can't go wrong with neutral brown eyeshadow. 

This eye makeup makes your eyebrows look thick and fluffy. 

To add drama, place the darkest colour on the bottom of the outer corner of the eye, and add some light brown gloss to the centre of the eyelid to get a little shimmer.

  • The Classic GoldenEye:

The Classic Golden Eye never gets old. 

If you decide to combine golden eyeshadow with your wedding dress, we fully support your decision!

Ladies, this colour not only emphasizes your appearance but also makes your eyes look bigger. Whether you choose a lehenga or saree for your important day, this eye makeup will create a sensation!

  • Soft and Smokey Eye:

If you are looking for dramatic yet soft and romantic bridal eye makeup, you should check this gorgeous eyeshadow. 

Put the darkest shadow on the outer corner of your eye and keep the inner corner light. This look looks simple and adds depth without looking too dark or too heavy.

To create an intense look, draw the upper eyeliner and waterline (top and bottom) with a soft eyeliner. If you want to go for a smoky makeup effect, you can use a small angle brush to spread the eyeliner outwards, like faded wings.

  • Hey Pink Eyes! :

Pink eye makeup is a new addition to the eye shadow trend this year, and it must go nowhere. 

This colour can be as delicate and vibrant as you like which is why it is so special especially when you are wearing pink or pastels.

This pink eyeshadow is said to be “universally flattering and offers a quick way to brighten the eyes.”

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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

4 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An NRI Life Partner

Most Indians have been fascinated by NRI weddings because they get the opportunity to live abroad. 

If you are also passionate about NRI marriage and are looking for NRI prospects, you can keep the following things in mind:

  1. Never Settle For Anything Less:

The first thing to do while looking for an alliance online is that you should never settle for someone you don't see yourself getting along with. 

You will find many options and settling for someone you may have doubts or inhibitions about is just not the right choice. Compatibility is something that should also be considered and if you want to live a happy life, you should make sure that you are making the right choice. 

  1. Be Very Specific With Your Search:

While looking for an alliance on matrimony sites, it is very important to be specific with your search. 

You have to state the hobbies, work culture, interests of the person you are looking for, and everything needs to be mentioned precisely so that there are no unnecessary issues after you move to another country with them. 

You have to be very specific and selective to make sure you’ve made the right decision.

  1. In-Depth Check is a Must:

The next thing to keep in mind is to check the background of the potential brides/ grooms at the matrimony site, whether you are going to get married in the United States or another part of the world. 

Make sure you know where and with whom you will be spending the rest of your life. It could be completely foreign parents and your family, hence it’s always advisable to do an in-depth check about the prospect. 

  1. Be Open-Minded:

While you need to be very specific when it comes to choosing your partner, it is also important to leave room for negotiation. 

You need to know the things you can let go of and a few things that you shouldn't and being open about such things will give you more options to choose from which will help you find your ideal partner. 

Faith makes all things possible. Love makes everything easy. 

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Ultimate Guide to Wedding Poses

 When it comes to wedding photoshoots, there are many things you need to look into from understanding the camera systems to the creative art of event photography. 

As a wedding photographer or someone who is booking a wedding photographer, you must come up with photograph ideas and these differ from couple to couple.


Let’s look at the different Wedding Photography Poses that could make your shoot better :

The First Look :

Not all couples get to choose the first look photograph. For those who do this, we like to call it, love-at-first-sight and it is a particularly important time to take pictures. 

The Dip :

This is an epic pose and in this pose, the groom usually dips the bride. When it comes to wedding photographs, these looks can leave special memories as it is a gesture of love and it symbolizes trust that your partner won't let you fall and will be there to hold you.

This pose will give the couple a wonderful feeling because when they look at this later on they will feel just like one of those couples in a TV show or a movie.

Holding the Bride :

For this pose, the groom can hold the bride in many ways, for example, the groom lifts the bride in his arms or can just stand behind her and hold her from behind. 

Currently, this is an interesting wedding pose that also highlights the bride's beautiful dress and the pictures look great.

The Running Shot :

In this pose, the couple holds each other's hands and walks towards the camera. 

This pose will make your wedding photos lively and interesting as it will give a candid effect and will look natural as the couple will be looking at each other while walking.

Lying in the Grass :

Some brides may not like this pose because the grass can easily stain their wedding dress. 

For those who are adventurous, lying on the grass is a lovely wedding pose. This pose can create a magical and intimate moment for you and your partner.

Couple Dance :

Even if you are not a dancer, you cannot get rid of this tradition of the classic wedding dance. 

Therefore, before the wedding or even during the reception, be sure to learn some steps and practice them with your partner. 

We would suggest you enter the dance floor enjoying the music and be yourself while dancing!

Runaway Bride :

This one is for the brides, imagine if you run away from your partner and see how much he wants to be with you. 

These fun and joyful photos add excitement and will spark your photo album. 

Beach Wedding Photography Poses :

Beach provides many great photo opportunities. For example, a couple admiring each other at the coastline on the beach is an amazing photo to capture.

It's time to say cheese and get ready to prepare some cool photoshoot ideas for your wedding! 

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