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Creating a Successful Online Matrimonial Profile

There is an upsurge in the use of matrimonial websites in India. More number of educated men and women find matrimonial websites as a convenient place to search his or her life partner.

It is an undeniable fact that only a well constructed on-line profile will help you in finding your partner in the web. Your matrimonial profile seen by thousands of potential brides or grooms and their parents should offer them the needed information unambiguously. Always give the genuine information about you in the profile. It is very easy for anyone to cross-check the details and weed out the profiles infested with bogus information.

Filling up the Basic Details

Most of the online matrimonial websites will need you to give your personal details such as your name, gender, date of birth/age, family details, and community information. Provide your applicable marital status properly as unmarried/divorced/widowed and marriage not consummated. While the unmarried or widowed registrants need not provide any certificate to prove their status the divorced and the marriage not consummated registrants need to send a copy of the divorce certificate to make the online registration functional.

Fill in your education and professional details correctly. This will always help those seeking their partner with a specific qualification and profession to reach you. Give your correct phone mobile and email contact details. Such details, while increasing profile seeker’s confidence also will enable him/her to reach you quickly.

Your Photograph

Your online registration will remain incomplete without a proper photo of you. Remember, only a clear and well focused photo will create the first-best impression about you in the mind of the profile seekers. Online marriage seekers will normally ignore profiles without photos. Always upload multiple number of clear photos, showing both close-up and long shots for use in the profile. Please make sure that all the uploaded photos have only you in the frame.

Physical Attributes & Personal Habits

Mentioning of your physical attributes and your personal habits plays a vital role. Your opposite sex who is in the lookout for a right partner will always go through such details. Correct mentioning of your height, weight, complexion and physique will get you a right partner. Don’t forget to mention your blood group and disabilities if any. Filling up the details on your hobby and other interests will help others to understand more about your positive side.

Brief Self Explanation

Similarly do not fail to give a brief self-explanation about your expectations of your life partner. Always write a crisp self explanation that will project you as the right person. Don’t include your personal physical description and never give away any intimate details in the profile.

Regularly Visit your Profile

Lastly make it a point to log-in to your profile page everyday and reply the received expression of interest mails and the mails that answers to your expression of interest. Never fail to reply the mails received on your given e-mail ID or the contacts made on your telephone or mobile numbers.

All the best.

The Art of Making a Marriage Successful

Making a marriage successful and working for the happiness of the couple is not a big issue. Any couple can achieve it with an inclination to understand his or her partner and a willingness to compromise. No marriage is complete without heartburn, confusion and problems and no couple will have the same likes and dislikes, mental attitude, faiths and view.

It is also a fact that marriage life will lack liveliness and will be devoid of all its charm if there are no conflicts or arguments between the couples. For a successful marriage, it is important to sort out all the differences and troubling issues within a short time-frame instead of mentally carrying them all through the life.

Respecting the Self-respect

Recent statistics on ‘Women workforce in India’ indicates that nearly 26.1% of the rural women and 13.8% of the urban women are employed. This confirms that almost every third woman who is getting married is employed. It is heartening to note that the percentage of independent women is increasing and such employed women are willing to share the family responsibilities along with the men.

Most of the current day newly married working couple have learnt the art of respecting other’s sentiments, opinions and views. They are careful in not hurting the self-pride of the other. They are able to have frank discussions on the disturbing demeanor of the partner if any, to sort it out. They also have learnt to tolerate and live with those deep-rooted habits of their partners with understanding. It is only those couples who fail or refuse to have such understandings fail in their married life.

Managing Money

Another important aspect that makes or mars a marriage is managing money. When both the partners are earning, it is essential to have a frank discussion about the handling of finance. An outspoken discussion on the total income, expenses, and savings will help to have a smoother running. Understanding couples are able to apportion the money for contingency expenses, medical expenses, unexpected travel, children’s education and entertainment and manage the issue successfully.

Caring Parents

The practices of the single-child norms by the parents have resulted in single child families. Being the only daughter or only son for their parents the bride or groom always offer proper respect to their in-laws. Unlike the earlier years, the married women are able to extend even financial support to their aged parents.

It is inspiring to note that the current-day couples are able to care their parents both individually and collectively. They are able to handle this caring part deftly without creating differences between the in-laws. It is also becoming common that both the families live together in a single house when the married -couple work or live abroad.

Removing Ideological Barrier and Managing Difference of Opinion

Another right step for a successful marriage is conflict management. The basic element for an effective conflict management is to get trained to put across your ideas properly and keep-up utmost patience in listening. It is crucial to listen to your spouse when she or he expresses anguish or ire. While it is important to discuss and sort-out the differences without delay, it is also prudent to postpone it when it becomes emotional.

The couples always should have an open heart to listen without relating the present conflict with the past. It is a fact that some of the conflicts will at no time get solved and remain forever. Never ever try to trace and go back to relate those old conflicts with the one that has arisen recently. Your winning the conflict or establishing the right need not be at the cost of hurting your spouse. Learn not to make personal remarks upon the character of your spouse or his or her family. Your choice of words should carry the sympathy and an expression that understand the pain of your spouse. Do away with that stonewalling attitude and allow free flow of emotions to sort out the difference at the very first opportunity.
Never allow your differences to erode your individual profile or create a wild impression about you to others.

Fulfilling Emotional & Personal Needs

The emotional and personal needs for a man and woman are not similar. Men constantly fall flat when his accomplishments are accepted, appreciated, admired and approved. He will invariably look for someone to trust and confide his feelings and emotions. The women, on the other hand, will unfailingly look for respect, care, understanding, and ardent love. She will always remain devoted to anyone who is truthful and supportive. The couple who had understood these basics will unhesitatingly oblige to the emotional needs of his or her partner. Never encourage violence in any form during the heated conflicts.

Sex between the couple is no more a taboo. It is essential for the couple to stay open, mentally grow and even go to an extra mile to understand the personal need of the partner. In case of experiencing any inadequacy do not hesitate to seek the advice from a doctor or an expert.


Learn to live a healthy life. Your healthy life should include a healthy and fit body and an energetic mind. Promote and advocate the personal growth of your spouse. Develop a sense of humour and be creative in having it every day. Always remain cheerful and learn to live your day completely with satisfaction with no hangover of your past.

Kalyanamalai Celebrates 13th Anniversary.

All of us at KM Matrimony are happy that Kalyanamalai has completed 12 years and entered into the 13th year of its service. What makes us more happier and satisfied is its achievement to complete 1,71,000 marriages within the short-span. The 13th anniversary celebrations were held at Kamarajar Arangam, Chennai, on 3rd November 2012.

Kalyanamalai, which started as a bride and groom introduction program on SUN TV, has started drawing the attention of the viewers with its pattimandram programs that revolved around the society and its improvement. Today Kalyanamalai continues in its mission of uniting the people through marriage by using the internet, Kalyanamalai fortnightly magazine and ground events. We earnestly believe that we could achieve this growth only due to the continued affection and recognition of our services by the public and the faith and support of our advertisers and sponsors. We take this opportunity to thank every one of them.

The day the event was announced our office was flooded with phone calls from the wedding aspirants who wanted to participate in the bride or groom introduction program being conducted by Kalyanamalai Mohan. Maximum numbers of deserving applicants were invited to participate in the Kalyanamalai shooting. As usual, we have chosen the bigger Kamarajar Arangam for our celebrations to enable more number of people to participate in the shooting and relish the pattimandram talk show.

Thiru Gangai Amaran, the well known Cinema Director who led some of the earlier pattimandrams of Kalyanamalai has kindly consented to lead the pattimandram this time too. Kalyanamalai was always known for choosing topic that are more relevant and have an impact on the society. This time also a very relevant topic ‘Whether the Cinema affects the Society or the Society affects the Cinema’ was chosen for the pattimandram discussion. Thiru Thambi Ramaiah, Thiru Ilavarasu and Thiru Raju Murugan have given their consent to argue in favour of cinema and Pulavar Ramalingam, Lawyer Sumathi and Professor Sundaravalli have agreed to counter their arguments.

Though, the morning of 3rd November was cloudy, it did not deter the eager participants of Kalyanamalai program to reach Kamarajar Arangam in large numbers. The Arangam became crowded and busy with the participants of Kalyanamalai shooting and the wedding aspirants and parents came who came to attend the Kalyanamalai Thirumana Thiruvizha program at the same venue in the morning. The participants of Thirumana Thiruvizha have received appropriate matching profiles immediately on registration.

The Kalyanamalai – SUN TV program enjoys a unique distinction. More than 95% of the participants introduced by Kalyanamalai Mohan in the program could receive a good number of matching proposals and got married within a few months. Therefore it did not surprise us when we find a good number marriage aspirants flocked to the shooting location to participate in the program.

A large number of people which includes the Kalyanamalai registered members and other common public have started occupying the vantage seats of Kamarajar Arangam right from 5.00 PM, which clearly shows the popularity gained by the Kalyanamalai Pattimandram programs.

The evening program started with a speech of Thirumathi. Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director of KM Matrimony. She precisely explained the start, growth and the future plans of Kalyanamalai and thanked everyone who has contributed for the growth. She explained how Vision Times stood with Kalyanamalai from the day one and thanked RMkV for its continued support. She also thanked Vasan Eye Care, Chennai diamonds, Parveen Travels and Corporation Bank for their support. She happily gave a brief about Light Foundation the social services arm of KM Matrimony.

Thiru Kalyanamalai Mohan delivered the welcome address in his own style with a smiling face. He honoured Thiru K. Sivakumar, Managing Director of RmKV, Thiru P.V. Chanbdrasekaran, DGM, Chennai zonal Office, Corporation Bank and Dr.Kamala Selvaraj with golden shawls.

The Pattimandram which started with an introductory speech of Gangai Amaran, switched into the top gear and gained the attention of everyone with interesting arguments from both the sides. Thiru Gangai Amaran concluded the arguments with his verdict.

It was a bonanza for the participating public. RMkV textiles presented cash coupons worth Rs.1000/- each to 10 people who have correctly filled the entry forms. Krishna Sweets presented Sweet and Savory in a pocket to everyone, while Coca Cola gave Minute Maid drink to everybody. Athithi Seva a unit of KM Matrimony which provides total wedding planning services supplied hot tea to everyone to brave the chilly weather of the rainy day.

Every one of the participants appreciated the hospitality and affection shown by the administration and staff of Kalyanamalai.

Mega Community Meets at Salem and Chengalpattu

KM Matrimony is always proud and happy to reach out the communities to fulfill the marriage aspirations of an eligible bride or groom in the community. After the successful completion of the Trichy Vivaha Prarthana and Mega Community Meet and Vellore Mega Community meet on 14th October, it went on to organize such meets in Chengalpet and Salem in Tamil Nadu

On 28th October, a Mega Community Meet was arranged at Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Boys High School, Ragavanar Street, Chengalpattu. The meet was conducted to assist the marriage seekers from Mudaliar, Pillai, Naidu, SC, Adi Dravidar,Vanniar,Vannia Kula Kshatriyar,Naicker, Yadava, Viswakarma, Chettiar, Reddiar and Nadar Communities.

On the same day, another Mega Community Meet was held at National Hotel, Bangalore Main Road, 4 Road Junction, Salem. Here the meet was arranged to fulfill the requirements of communities such as Mudaliar, Gounder, Naicker,Vanniar,Vannia Kula Kshatriyar,Naidu, SC, Adi Dravidar,Pillai and Viswakarma.

Anxious parents and other matrimonial alliance seekers from the mentioned communities thronged at the Mega Meet places in both the cities right from morning 9 AM. Specially deputed staff of Kalyanamalai briefed and explained various schemes to enable the eager marriage seekers to join as members of KM Matrimony. The new members were given matching lists on registration with a promise to send horoscope and other preferences matching lists soon. Eligible new user’s details will be published in the Kalyanamalai Magazine and in to assist their early marriage.

Each of the communities was allocated exclusive halls to enable the participants to interact with people from their own community freely and select a suitable bride or groom. Volunteers from Kalyanamalai introduced the prospective bride or groom on stage while, their details were displayed on a bigger sized TV screen.

We are sure our Mega Community Meets will bring marriage cheers in a number of families. We will continue our efforts relentlessly.

Please be in the lookout to our Mega Community Meet in a City nearer to you next time.

The Features of a Successful Matrimonial Website

The sheer reach and convenience of Internet has shrunk the world and brought the reach of everything to one’s finger tips. The access has enabled the evolution of a number of online businesses and one such business is online matrimony. It is one of the online businesses, where the tradition is linked with technology. The increased use of online matrimonial portals is attributed to literal collapsing of conventional family networks, frequent professional movement among the younger generation and the prolific penetration of the Internet.

Though a number of matrimonial websites have mushroomed using dotcom boom and the growth of online banking, only a limited number of them continued to thrive and grow. It is essential to understand what makes such websites successful.

Easy Registration Process

The easy registration process to complete the registration in one go without arduous back tracking is one aspect that attracts increased number of visitors.

User friendly interface:

Users prefer websites that offer user friendly and smooth interface to wade through various options.

Increased choice of profiles:

The ultimate idea of any matrimonial website user is to find their soul mate easily and quickly. The availability of increased number of profiles in every category enables the user such quick option.

Classification of Profiles:

Classification of profiles under appropriate categories such as community, caste, age profession and personal preferences enables a registered user to narrow down his or her options to find their life partner easily.

Level of security:

A successful matrimonial website always cares for the privacy of the registrants. The security options such as photo and profile protection, access permission etc increases the confidence of the registered users.

Profile Matching facilities:

As a facility matrimonial websites have installed horoscope or kundalini matching software to meet the requirement of the conventional alliance seekers. This feature enables such traditional users and others to narrow down their choice of selection.

Success Stories:

The success of a matrimonial website is often gauged by the number of marriages concluded using the website. The portals encourage such married couples to post their marriage success stories in the website. Such posted stories increase the credibility of a matrimonial website.

Use of other Promotional Vehicles

A majority of the online matrimonial companies make promotions only to increase the database of their registered users. Only a very few companies use their other promotional vehicles such as TV, Magazine and Ground Events to promote the profiles of the users.

For Youngsters Matrimonial Websites are No More a Taboo

A recent submission made in the IFHE 2012 World Congress (International Federation for Home Economics) indicates that in India around 69% of the unmarried men and 32% of the unmarried women use matrimonial websites to find his or her life partner. This is an interesting change in a country where the weekend matrimonial advertisements continues to dominate.

However, this change did not happen overnight. It took several years for the matrimonial websites to understand the pulse of the younger Indians and balance it with the prevailing conventional background to offer a package. Furthermore, it took time for the websites to shake off some of the misconceived opinions of the users such as the online websites are meant for old and difficult to get married, too arduous to complete the formalities and not for the educated and qualified. It did not deter the matrimonial websites to develop, change and perfect the sites to meet almost all the demands of the young user.

The present day matrimonial websites offer every registrant a range of options during the registration process. The websites list the profiles under religion, caste, and employment categories while safeguarding the interests of the registered people. The options help the registrants to almost narrow on his or her perfect choice of life partner. The websites provide the registered users the option of keeping their profile free for everyone’s view or password restrict their details and photo for the view of chosen few.

It is an undeniable fact that the matrimonial websites literally freed the time crunched younger generation from allocating their time exclusively for the partner search. The range of registered and existing profiles offers them an opportunity to view and know the individual details and preferences and zero on their life partner virtually from any place. The virtual viewing enables them to go through the profiles leisurely, choose and further interact with them.

Currently, the younger generation does not consider registering with a matrimonial website a taboo. They find it an easy place to share their profile with the like-minded people to help in their search for a perfect life partner.

More Number of Parents Find Matrimonial Websites Convenient

In India finding a suitable match for their son or daughter is a natural domain of the parents. Conventionally parents were using their close relatives and known friends as a primary source for finding the probable match. Until few years ago, the Sunday matrimonial advertisements in leading vernacular as well as English dailies will normally be their hunting grounds for a bride or groom. During such searches lot of importance is given for family values, education of the bride or groom, type of job and the working environment. Above all matching of horoscopes played a crucial role for pursuing a chosen profile match.

The trend has underwent a radical change. A majority of the present-day parents have found the matrimonial websites as a good and confident alternative.  The spreading of internet culture and availability of broadband facility even in remote villages is the reason behind the change. While the tech-savvy parents register in the websites confidently on their own, the villager, at a far-off-place uses the services of their educated son or daughter to register and view the profiles. It is very interesting to note that even the traditional marriage brokers depend more on matrimonial websites to find suitable matches for the wards of their clients.

Indian matrimonial websites have played a stellar role in ushering the change. The matrimony websites in India instead of aping such websites in other countries have devised and designed their websites to adequately meet the requirements of any tech-savvy but conventional Indian parent. The websites seek any new registrant to give details such as name, date of birth, education, caste and community details, family background, employment, their likes and dislikes, the preferences about his or her life partner, horoscope, and photo in addition to their contact details. Such details adequately serve the requirements of a parent searching for a suitable life-partner for their son or daughter.

Though the Indian matrimonial websites allow everyone to register free, only the paid members are given privileges such as viewing the member profile, photo and contact details of all the registered members.  Each matrimonial company offers a range of schemes to match the budget of individual registrants.

More and more parents are clamoring for the use of matrimonial web sites for the following valid reasons.

  1. The matrimonial websites assist the parents to continue with the system of arranged marriages.
  2. The profile details are arranged under proper classified headings enables the parents a number of choices to choose the best life partner.
  3. The facilities of viewing and matching the horoscopes online make their search easy
  4. The parents who have settled abroad are still able to find a suitable match for their son or daughter in India.
  5. For the parents who are touchy about displaying the profile and details of their daughter or son in a public domain, such matrimonial websites provides them enough tools to display the profiles only on permission to the chosen one.

But, the matrimonial websites always warn the parents to double-check any profile and cross check the details before initiating the actual matrimonial alliance.

Mega Community Meet – Anna Nagar – Chennai

KM Matrimony under its Kalyanamalai arm has arranged for a Mega Community Meet at Chennai on 21st October (Sunday) 2012. The meet arranged  exclusively for the benefit of the communities such as Mudhaliar, Naiyudu, Gounder, Vanniar, Vanniakula Kshatriyar, SC, Adhi Dravidar, Chettiar, Pillai, Yadhava, Viswakarma, Nadar and Mukkuluthor was held at the spacious Sri Krishnaswamy Womens College, Anna Nagar Chennai 600040.

Right from the day we posted the details about the meet in our website and placed posters at strategic locations in Chennai City, we continuously received phone calls from anxious parents. We also have sent mails to the existing members to take part in the meet and get benefitted by meeting the people from their own community.

The rainy sky at Chennai opened up on Thursday the 18th October exactly three days before the meet and started raining heavily. Though the water starved Chennai was awaiting for such a down pour for a long time, it’s under preparedness has left many areas to reel under flood water. The unabated continuing of rain on Friday and Saturday made us to worry on people participating in large numbers.

Kalyanamalai Mohan, the cool and confident Chairman of the company assured the staff to get ready to manage a good participation and that is what exactly has happened.

Though it was raining heavily on the morning of the Mega Community Meet, it did not stop the anxious parents from attending the meet in large numbers. A good number of parents had reached the venue well ahead of the scheduled time of 10.00 AM. The hassle free and smooth arrangements provided at the venue have enabled the participants to register quickly and participate in the meet of their community.

On the day of the meet parents participated in large numbers to show their very generous faith in the services of KM Matrimony. In fact such increased level of trust always increases our responsibilities.  We endeavor our best to live up to their expectations.

We thank the authorities of Sri Krishnaswamy Womens College, Anna Nagar, for providing us their best of facilities for the smooth conducting of our Mega Community Meet.

Varan Thedum Peruvizha – Bengaluru

The Varan Thedum Peruvizha arranged by KM Matrimony under its Kalyanamalai banner on October 7th at Bengaluru went off in a grand manner. The Peruvizha included a Vivaha Prarthana and a Mega Community Meet.

There were apprehensions about the smooth conducting of meet due to simmering tensions between Karnataka and Tamilnadu states on the Kaveri issue and the announced shop closing and bundh on 5th and 6th October in Karnataka.

However, Kalyanamalai Mohan, the Chairman of KM Matrimony, kept his usual cool and did not get perturbed. He was very positive about the meet taking place and said let us not disappoint even 10 parents who may look forward to attending the meet. He instructed everyone to continue with the best of arrangements.

As usual, he proved to be right with his positive words. On 7th October morning, right from 9.00 AM in the anxious parents started assembling at the Party Hall of ‘The Bell Hotel & Convention Centre’ located close to City Railway Station and Majestic.

In the Vivaha Prarthana Pooja all the participating parents, relatives and friends performed individual Sankalpam praying for an early marriage for their son or daughter or relative or a friend. The prarthana pooja went off very well. It started with Ganapathi pooja and continued with Lalitha Sahasranama Archana and others. Prasadams were offered to all the people participated at the Pooja.

The Mega Community Meet, which was taking place simultaneously along with the Pooja has enabled the parents to meet the people from their own community to assist easy fixing of the marriage. Kalayanamalai provided an opportunity for the participating marriage aspirants to individually get introduced to the gathering.

Kalyanamalai and all the participants at the Mega Meet expressed their thanks to M/s. RmKV the regular sponsors of the program. Kalyanamalai also conveyed its greetings and best wishes to RmKV for the opening of their Bengaluru show room at orian Mall, the biggest Mall in Asia.

The Varan Thedum Peruvizha was held in a grand manner without missing any of the usual festivities and happiness associated with Kalyanamalai meetings.

Varan Thedum Peruvizha – Trichy

On 14th of October 2012 KM Matrimony under its Kalyanamalai banner has arranged a Varan Thedum Peruvizha at Trichy. The peruvizha which includes a Vivaha prarthana Program and Mega Community Meet was held at the premises of ‘Tiruchi Seva Sangam’ Willams Road, in Cantonment. The mega meet participated by Pillai, Viswakarma, Naiyudu, Vanniar, Vannia Kulakshatriyar, Gounder, Mudhaliar, S.C. and Adhi Dravidar was arranged by our Trichy office.

The specially arranged ‘Kalyanamalai Vivaha Prarthana’ included Sri Swayamvara Parvathi Homam exclusively performed to remove all the obstacles for those seeking marriages and bless them with a happy marriage. At the end of the pooja prasadam was distributed to all the participants.

We were overwhelmed by the response received at the Mega Meet. Good number participants who have attended the Mega Meet could get suitable alliances for their son, daughter, relative or a friend. Above and beyond that they could have a heart-to-heart talk with their own community people and make friends.

The Trichy Mega Community Meet an effort of Kalyanamalai in reaching out the marriage aspirants from various communities received huge participation from the mentioned communities.

KM Matrimony under its Kalyanamalai banner has recently arranged for a Mega Community Meet at Vellore known for the historic fort and the famous Jalagandeswarar Temple.
The meet was arranged at Hotel Aavanaa Inn, in Arcot Road, Vellore on 14th October 2012. The meet enjoyed the locationadvantage of being opposite to the famous CMC Hospital, Vellore.
The Kalyanamalai franchise office at Thennamara Street, Kosappettai, Vellore and the head office at Chennai received hundreds of anxious calls from eager parents who were looking forward to taking part in the Mega Community exclusively arranged for Mudaliar, Naiyudu, Vanniar, Vanniakula Kshatriar, Nayakkar, Gounder, SC, Adhi Dravidar, Yadhava andViswakarma communities.
Parents, relatives or friends who were anxiously looking for a bride or groom for their own son or daughter, relative or friend has started assembling at the Hotel Aavanaa Inn right from 9.00 AM. They were well received and briefed with details by the staff from Kalyanamalai.
Each of the new registrants from the communities could get a list of matching profiles in addition meeting prospective brides or grooms from their own community. The bride and groom introduction took place during the meet enabled them to get a better reach within their community.
The Community Meet received good response from the participating communities and KM Matrimony is looking forward to having such meet at Vellore in near future.

KM Matrimony Community Meet at Tirunelveli

KM Matrimony under its Kalyanamalai banner has arranged for a ‘Community Meet’ at Tirunelveli on 16th September. The meet arranged at Hotel RR Inn located at Madurai Road, Tirunelveli Junction invited participation from major communities such as Pillai, Mudhaliar, Nadar, Viswakarma, Adhi Dravidar, Naidu, and Yadhava.

Though we were little hesitant in arranging such a community meet at Tirunelveli, the overwhelming response we received during the meet allayed our fears. It clearly shows the continued faith people have in Kalyanamalai services. Kalyanamalai continue to get attracted to Tirunelveli the home town of RmKV the well-known silk sari manufacturer.

Parents who were in search of a suitable life partner for their son or daughter have started flocking the meeting place even before the start of the event. The meet started with a pooja at 10.00 AM to invoke the blessings of god and it was wholeheartedly participated by the community heads and other people.

The function commenced with the lighting of Kuthuvilakku by Thirumathi Sasi of RmKV, Thirumathi Nalini from Consumer Connect and the Director of KM Matrimony Thirumathi Meera Nagarajan. Kalyanamalai Mohan felicitated the important guests assembled at the meet.

The Operation Head of Kalyanamalai Thiru Anand, the incharge of our Tirunelveli branch Thiru Karthikeyan and Thirumathi Karthikeyan have made all the arrangements for the successful conducting of the meet. The staff members of KM Matrimony under the able guidance of Thiru Ramanan, Thirumathi Latha, Thirumathi Kausalya and Thirumathi Jayanthi have effectively conducted the proceedings of the community meet to the satisfaction of the participating parents.

A Glimpse at Kalyanamalai Vivaha Prarthana Pooja and its Benefits

KM Matrimony regularly arranges ‘Vivaha Prarthana’ as a key component of its ‘Varan Thedum Peruvizha’ program held under its Kalyanamalai banner. The prarthana a mass prayer enables the parents who are anxious about the marriage of their son or daughter or those who suffer from delayed marriage to join and collectively pray for redress. The mass prarthana has proved to have the power to remove all the obstacles in performing a marriage.
KM Matrimony as a matrimonial service provider always believes in the wisdom of our culture and tradition. It considers that by conducting Vivaha Prarthana it can help the marriage seekers in the early happening of their marriage. Such prarthanas arranged at various locations all over the Tamil Nadu always draw a huge participation.
In the traditional sankalpam performed at the beginning of the prarthana each participant announces his heartfelt involvement in seeking benefits of the performed poojas.m We have seen thousands of people joining such a Sankallpams praying for a trouble-free and early marriage to their son, daughter, brother, sister, relative or a friend.
The ever-increasing number of participants during such a Sankalpams clearly demonstrates their faith in Vivaha prarthana and the growing number beneficiaries of such prarthana. Well educated, trained and experienced vedic scholars especially chosen for the purpose will conduct the Vivaha Prarthana poojas.
The program always starts with the conventional Vigneswara Pooja to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganapathi for smooth conducting of the program. The Sahasra Nama archana for Swayamvara Parvathi by pronouncing her 1008 sacred names follows it. For the purpose of archana Lord Siva and Parvathy are portrayed as Udvaganathar and Kokilambal of Thirumanancheri where the earthly marriage of Shiva and Parvathi took place. During the archana a vedic schollar will use ‘swarna kamalam’ (silver lotus flower dipped in gold) for the archana. Other chosen purohits will use flowers and all the participants will use kumkumam to perform archana. At the end of the archana the kumkumam used by the devotees is collected and submitted at the feet of the deity seeking her blessings.
The performed Haridra Ganapathi Homam will protect the devotees from harmful energies and offer disease-free life. The Lakshmi Kubera Homam will bless the devotees with relief from debts, success in life, financial growth and luxuries of life. The Sudarshana Homam included in the pooja saves the devotees from miseries, bless them with positive vibrations to win over the enemies.Sri Swayamvara Parvathi Homam performed during the occasion will remove all the obstacles for those seeking a happy marriage, bless them with happy married lifeand especially benefit women with successful married life. The Navagraha homam offers the blessings of all the navagrahas, bring luck to every one and give relief from all the sufferings.
After completing all the homams a Poorna Ahuthi is performed. In order to please Agni the god of fire during the Poornahuthi sandal paste, kumkum, herbs, fruits, dry coconut, dry fruits, blouse, vasthirams, silk saree along with flower garlands are offered. After performing the neiveidhya, ‘Shotasa Upasaras’ performed, to signify the completion of pooja and Maha Deeparadhanai follows it. At the end, the pooja prasadams are distributed to the assembled devotees.

Madurai Varanthedum Peruvizha

KM Matrimony under its Kalyanamalai banner has organised a Varanthedum Peruvizha at Madurai. The program arranged at the sacred place known to have arranged the marriage of goddess Meenakshi has received good response. The program included Vivaha Prarthana and a Mega Community Meet to cater the needs of five communities such as Pillai, Mudhaliar, Naiyudu, Mukkulathor and Viswakarma.
The Madurai event started with the Vigneswara Pooja performed by Kalyanamalai Mohan under the guidance of the Purohit Balakrishna Sastrigal. Every one participated in the Vivaha prarthana performed sankalpam to receive the full benefits of the pooja. Earlier Tmt Meera Nagarajan of Kalyanamalai along with the executives of Madurai office Thiru Kasi Viswanathan, Thiru Venkatesh and Tmt Venkatesh lighted the kuthuvilakku to signify the commencing of the function.
Every one of the participant has sought the blessings of Lord Meenakshi Sundareswar for an early marriage at their houses by participating in the joint prayer conducted by Kalyanamalai Mohan
Kalyanamalai Madurai office has organised the meeting in a fitting manner in association with their counterparts at Chennai office.

Varanthedum Peruvizha & Kalyanamalai SUN TV Shooting Coimbatore

The Varanthedum Peruvizha and the Kalyanamalai SUN TV Shooting organised by KM Matrimony under its Kalyanamalai banner recently at Coimbatore received good response from anxious parents.

The Varanthedum Peruvizha organised at Sri Baladevdas Kikani Vidyamandir; Coimbatore on 19th August included Vivaha Prarthana and a Mega Community Meet for 12 communities. Community leaders, presidents, and secretaries of communities such as Naidu, Reddiar, Yadava, Pillai, Nadar, Balija/Gavara, Viswakarma, Chettiar, Mudhaliar, Adhi Dravida and Kongu Vellala participated in large numbers in the Varanthedum Peruvizha and honoured us.

The Vivaha Prarthana exclusively arranged to benefit trouble free early marriage for everyone started at 8.00 AM in the morning with Vigneswara Pooja to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganapathi. Those who have assembled there have prayed for a trouble-free marriage to their son, daughter, sister, brother, relative and friend. The large participation of members showed their faith in offering the mass prayer. Kalyanamalai has arranged for individual sankalpam for all the participants to ensure reaching of the pooja and homam benefits to everyone.

Well-educated and experienced Vedica Scholars performed the sahasrana nama archana for Sri Swayamvara Parvati respectfully chanting the 1008 names of her. It was followed by the conducting of Haridhra Ganapathi Homam, Sudharsana Homam, Sri Swayamvara Parvati Homam and Navagriha homam. The homams are performed to do away the barriers of marriage, ward off Dosha problems, to benefit everyone with good health and money to perform their family marriage. A special Natchathra Homam to please the lord of every natchathiram was arranged to benefit everyone. The conducted homams were concluded with Poorna Ahuthi.

Sri. A.M.Rajagopalan of Kumudham Jothidam, who came to Coimbatore exclusively to grace the function blessed everyone participated at the prarthana and homam. He said, “According to Swami Chinmayanandha one should have done good amount of Punya services to be born in India also known as Bharatha Desam. For the people in other countries, pregnancy is just a biological change in a mother but for the Indian mother it is a penance. The child gets spiritually blessed right from its days in the womb of its mother. It is ideologically right for everyone to get to marry at the appropriate age. He added that Kalyanamalai Mohan did a yeoman service by assisting in the marriage among the people at the right age. He blessed Mohan and his family and blessed everyone assembled at the Vivaha Prarthana for a speedy marriage in their family. The arranged Homams and Poojas gave solace and satisfaction to all the participants and prasadams were distributed to everyone.

The Mega Community Meet organised for the 12 communities received larger participation from the respective communities.The participants willingly participated in the meet to find a suitable life partner to their own or near ones. Kalyanamalai took initiatives to introduce each one of the participants among their particular community thus making a solid base for further progress. The community meet enabled the participants from each community to meet the known and unknown within their community and make a heart to heart talk while searching for a suitable bride or groom.

Those who have registered for the event received a matching list with photos of the registered profiles to commence their bride or groom search immediately. The large number of participants from various communities clearly indicates the increased level of their faith in Kalyanamalai. Mohan and Meera Nagarajan have stated that while the ever increasing level of faith in the activities of Kalyanamalai will also encourage them to continue their responsibilities more perfectly.

Kalyanamalai – SUN TV Shooting

Following the Mega Community Meet Kalyanamalai – SUN TV shooting took place at Coimbatore Corporation Community Hall, in R.S.Puram, Coimbatore on 20th August 2012.

In the morning, a large number of participants have attended the shooting of the bride or groom introduction program conducted by Kalyanamalai Mohan. The Kalyanamalai program since its inception has assisted all the participants to get married thus achieving 100% success.

A Pattimandram lead by Solventhar Suki Sivam and participated by Thiru Sivakumar, Thiru Manohar, Thiru Shanmugam, Thiru Seshadri, Tmt Dharini and Tmt Soumia took place at the venue. The program started with a welcome address by Ms.Meera Nagarajan. Thiru N.S. Viswanathan – Regional Director RBI, Thiru K Mahesh, Director RmKV, Thiru S Pattabiraman, G.M. Corporation Bank and Thiru T Narayanan, Annai Builders, lighted the Kuthuvilakku at the beginning of the program. Kalyanamalai Mohan Proposed a vote of thanks at the end.

Kalyanamalai Mega Community Meet – Tambaram

KM Matrimony under its Kalyanamalai banner has organised a Mega Community Meet at, Jai Gopal Garodia National Higher Secondary School, East Tambaram on 08/07/2012. The mega meet was arranged to fulfill the marriage aspirations of thousands of eligible brides and grooms from Mudaliar, Naidu, S.C, Kaundar, Vanniar, Vanniakula Kshathriyar, Pillai, Chettiar, Viswakarma, Yadhava and Nadar communities. By facilitating the meeting of 10 different communities at one place, KM Matrimony has become the first ever matrimonial portal to achieve such feat.

Right from the first day of the announcement ‘the Mega Community Meet’ received maximum attention. There were constant stream of appreciative and anxious calls from parents and others who want to register and take part in the community event. KM Matrimony on its part has taken every step to keep its members and others informed on the various arrangements through regular mail exchanges.

The detail of Mega Community Meet was conveyed to the members and other general public through SMS, mail, posters and hand bills. The poster advertisements were carried out in places near and far the location and in other parts of the city to ensure maximum participation. In order to assist a hassle free participation for the existing members, KM Matrimony has sent exclusive SMS to them and allowed them to enter the hall by just flashing the SMS without waiting at the entry point.

Though the meet was to commence at 10.00 AM, most of the parents with their son or daughter and others accompanied by their relatives flocked the place right from 9.00 AM in the morning. Before the actual start of the meet Ms. Meera Nagarajan, CEO and Managing Director of KM Matrimony, has thanked the management and staff of Jai Gopal Garodia National Higher Secondary School, East Tambaram, for giving the place for the program and for the excellent support extended to make the arrangement. She also has explained the significance of the meet and how it will benefit the communities.

KM Matrimony has made elaborate arrangements for hassle free participation in the meet. Its volunteers posted at the entry points guided the existing members to enter the stipulated hall earmarked for the community by just filling up their details in a card. For those who want to register new counseling about various existing schemes and benefits of each of them was provided to choose the best one that suited their budget. The new members received a set of matching profiles and also got the benefit of participating in the arranged meet.

The morning session of the Mega Community Meet was exclusively organised for the Mudaliar, Naidu, S.C, Kaundar, Vanniar, Vanniakula Kshathriyar, and Pillai communities. The afternoon session was arranged for Chettiar, Viswakarma, Yadhava and Nadar communities.

Members from all the communities voluntarily and cheerfully participated in a special Pooja arranged in the morning to invoke the blessings of god. They joined the prayers to seek the blessings for the early marriage of their son, daughter, brother and sister.

Then members from each community were guided to a hall exclusively earmarked for the community. After Kalyanamalai acquainting every marriage aspirant to the community gathering, each of them was asked to make a brief self introduction. Following the self introduction, the community members were able to make one-to-one interaction with the chosen family within the group. Such one to one interaction has helped most of them to take the discussion fruitfully to the next level.

The highlight of the community meet was the affection and reverence shown to the genial words of Kalyanamalai Mohan. His confidence building words reduced the anxiety of marriage aspirants and gave them confidence about an impending early marriage. A Good number of them have waited patiently to meet him in person and get his advice. Most of them were seen visibly moved and in joyful tears when they received the matching list kit personally from the hands of Kalyanamalai Mohan.

The stupendous participation and encouragement we received for the Mega Community Meet reflects the faith the public have on us. The one-to-one interactions that took place between the known and unknown within the community during the meet increased the confidence level of the participants.

The overwhelmed response received by us during the significant event has boosted our confidence levels. We all will strive to live up to the expectations by providing our best of services.

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