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The Perfect Match

-Dhanaraj and Vasanthi

This is a story about a happily married couple, Dhanaraj and Vasanthi who met through one of our Kalyanamalai Registration Mela. 

From the time Dhanaraj registered himself for our service, we shared various prospects with him and his family. We also regularly sent Kalyanamalai’s Magazine with potential alliances but they weren’t fully convinced with it.

And after 3 months of sharing multiple profiles, we sent them Vasanthi’s profile. 

And they Matched!

Vasanthi and Dhanaraj met and they liked each other. They got engaged in the month of February and their marriage date was fixed. 

Dhanaraj’s sister Miss. Sarala says, 

“At the last minute like God's blessing, Kalyanamalai found my elder brother, his perfect match. We will never forget all the efforts put in by Kalyanamalai executives, and we thank Kalyanamalai Team and Kalyanamalai Mohan Sir for their extensive support”

We congratulate the lovely couple and wish them a happy married life.

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Find your ideal house today

Part of the excitement faced by newlyweds is the decision of where to live. Most couples do their bit of research on newspapers, websites, and track for real estate to find their ideal home. 

Building a new home is an exciting journey, to make this journey of yours more joyful, here are some of the popular choices in the market with different amenities available that would help you choose your perfect home. 

  1. Apartment:

If you’re a couple who plans on moving in together, just the two of you then an apartment is the right choice for you. 

Being in an apartment is great for couples not only because it has great amenities but also because of the number you could interact with. 

Pictures from project Habitat by Appaswamy Real Estate

The best part about living in an apartment is the amenities that they provide such as : 

  • Clubhouse

  • Gym

  • Play Area

  • Landscaped Garden

  • Swimming Pool

  • CCTV Surveillance and so on. 

Pictures from project Habitat by Appaswamy Real Estate

  1. Bungalow: 

A bungalow is a famous Indian house that can be used by a family of 4/6 people. 

The greatest benefit of living in these houses is the space around the house for a pleasant evening walk, 4/5 bedrooms, and a good living area to spend some good family time together. 



Villas are separate modern apartments and are accessible in different shapes. Villas range from extravagant to a king-size super luxurious house and a family of 10 people can live in a villa. 

Features like a driveway, yard, golf course, garden in addition to a pool is available with these houses. 

‘Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams.’

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5 Pre-wedding Photoshoot locations in Chennai

Are you looking for a perfect place to have a pre-wedding shoot? 

Well, your search ends here. 

From bungalows to grand seashores, here's your guide for the best pre-wedding shoot locations in and around Chennai.

The first place on our list is for someone who loves the art, architecture, and lifestyle of South India. The best place you can have your pre-wedding shoot is at Dakshina Chitra. This art and architecture museum helps in providing beautiful historic South Indian architecture as a backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot. 

If you are looking for a charming ethnic theme for your shoot, the Chettinad pillars and the well-designed doors from Dakshina Chitra are perfect for your photoshoot. Imagine having a beautiful traditional house from Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu as a backdrop which would totally complement your beautiful pre-wedding shoot theme. 

The second place is the very famous and one and only Mahabalipuram 

Your favorite vacation spot is a place full of tranquility to preserve the memories of a lifetime. To take romantic and dazzling photos by the bay, head to the beach next to the Santana restaurant. 

This beach has coastal cliffs, colorful boats, and a beautiful coastal temple that fills the entire frame. Another popular photography location in Mahabas is the coastal temple. 

The next location is for people who love the warmth of the sun, the relaxing sound of the waves, the soft sand under their feet, the next ideal stop is the ECR Beach. 

Everyone likes to bask in the sun and play in the sand. Chennai East Coast Road offers the most beautiful and clean beaches which are perfect for your pre-wedding shoot. 

On these beaches, dresses with flowers can be placed next to the crystal clear water and under the beautiful blue sky. On the other hand, there are trees and walls to take more memorable photos and stunning silhouette photographs. You can also use the streets of ECR ​​to capture the local colors.

The next place is for heritage lovers! The place that has captured the beauty of Rajasthan and is amazingly decorated with the Rajasthani Culture is Chokhi Dhani:

This place is famous for the beauty of Rajasthan because it creates a colorful outdoor atmosphere for visitors. You can capture these interesting colors and moments with your ideal one.

The  last place on our list is the Semmozhi Poonga

This natural park located in the heart of the city is beautiful and is known to inspire love. Semmozhi Poonga with its green arches and 80-year-old tall trees is an ideal place if you want to go for a completely natural look. 

The quaint spiral stone road creates a dreamlike atmosphere, and the small pond in the middle of the park has a lovely wooden bench for you to take photographs of.

These are the top 5 free pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Chennai. 

Wherever you go, go with all your heart! 

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Ideal Wedding Decoration Ideas for a Perfect Wedding

    Weddings are a special celebration and every part of the wedding is significant, including wedding decorations. Regardless of whether it is simple or fancy, wedding decoration sets the tone of the venue. 

The stage is the main area of focus, for a wedding function or a reception and so you need to give exceptional attention to beautify it. 

A lot of options are available to help you plan and pick the ideal wedding decoration that reflects your character and style. 

Here are a few different types of wedding decor that can help you enhance the center stage:

  • Fresh Floral Backdrop:

Fresh flowers are frequently used in the stage backdrop layouts. Utilizing flowers is a classic method to add life to a function. Regardless of whether it is a floral wall, creatively spaced flower bouquets, or floral decoration, it will make your stage look beautifully appealing. 

And if the budget is a constraint, you can use flowers like rose, jasmine, marigold, carnation, gerbera, etc. If not, you can opt for imported and seasonal flowers like lilies, orchids, peonies, etc. 

  • Fabric Drapes/Curtain:

Long-flowing fabric drapes are commonly used to make an exquisite stage setup. 

Fabrics like silk, glossy silk, or chiffon are generally used as drapes for stage decor. If you are following a certain theme, you can consider the drapes and fabrics accordingly. The most preferred colors are pink, ivory, red, and golden. String lights and hanging lamps also help in enhancing the venue which makes the venue look brighter.

  • Theme Based Wedding Decoration

Currently, people are opting to have theme-based weddings and as the name proposes are these weddings are concept-based. 

A topical wedding is often enjoyed more and adds excitement to the wedding. Your theme can be based on certain colors or something more intricate like a castle wedding, beach wedding, etc 

Wedding Mandapam:

Mandapams are structures under which the wedding takes place. It also improves the look and feels of indoor and outdoor venues. As we all know mandapams have four pillars, you can easily utilize the pillars to add flower decorations, bright hangings, lights, etc. You can choose garlands of marigold or jasmine as flower decors, these flowers are customary and also the right choice for a mandapam decoration. 

Here are a couple of the elements that will add the ‘WOW’ factor to your perfect wedding decoration.

Hallway Decoration:

Special Decoration:

These decorations can improve your wedding experience and will be one of the most memorable events of your life. 

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021


 Each couple is believed to invest a great deal of energy in planning their wedding and the most important decision while planning your wedding is selecting the venue.

So here are the 5 most well-known wedding venues accessible for you to plan your perfect wedding. 


Resorts are one of the go-to options of the current generation. If you choose to have your wedding at a resort, the package incorporates accommodation, food, transportation, and certain resorts offer more than just one hall that has a capacity of 50 to 5000 people. Resorts are often considered one of the best kinds of wedding destinations for couples who intend to have visitors from outstation. Resorts have lawns and poolside spaces which can be a perfect space for you to host many other wedding functions.


For the couples who love sand underneath their feet and the sea breeze in their hair with magnificent turquoise water in the scenery, a wedding next to the seashores would be an incredible spot to host your wedding. However, there are various exotic private islands that you can book for your perfect destination wedding.


Picking a place of worship such as temples, churches, gurudwaras, and other holy places as your wedding venue may require you to host a reception after the wedding as it can accommodate up to 30-80 guests only. So if you’re someone who wants to keep it short and simple, this could be your ideal wedding destination. 


For the ladies who need a  'straight out of a fantasy wedding' where the groom rides on a white pony to marry you, the royal residence or fortresses would be an ideal wedding venue. Just like the heritage wedding of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli at the Borgo Finocchieto, weddings at a castle or a fortress is becoming the next big thing followed largely by millennial couples. This is one of the fanciest amongst the various kinds of wedding venues. 

Palatial weddings can accommodate 30 to 3000 visitors and the skylines are open with regards to arranging creative seating for visitors.


Wedding lawns and farmhouses are often situated at the far end of the city and are a suitable decision for couples who have invited more than 1000 guests to their wedding. Out of all the different types of wedding venues available, the farmhouse wedding is the most fun. With the look and feel of the venue, it frequently ends up being a mini-destination wedding. These places provide rooms for accommodation with an amazing sky view with stunning window hangings to make the farmhouse wedding a beautiful venue. 

You can host pre-wedding ceremonies like Haldi, Sangeet, Mehndi, etc at the widespread green area which makes it engaging for the guests and their children. The availability of staff on board for this venue might be less but you can always hire a catering team/service providers separately as long as you find the venue perfect!

Amongst the million choices accessible, tracking down the ideal venue that fits your necessities like the budget, place, decoration, guest capacity, etc is very difficult. 

But remember, the key is to work together

Because together is a beautiful place to be.

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