Thursday, 8 July 2021

Kalyanamalai Success Story | Finally found the one!


Despite visiting different temples and performing several Poojas and Valipadus, Bhavani’s parents were finding it difficult to find the perfect match for their daughter. One day, as they were getting back from the temple, they saw Kalyanamalai’s show on SunTv. 

Bhavani’s parents were impressed by Kalyanamalai executives and looked for prospects for their members to find them a perfect match at the show, after which they decided to register their daughter as a member of Kalyanamalai. 

Bhavani’s family was positive about the fact that Kalyanamalai would find a perfect match for their daughter. After the family put down their expectations about the prospect, our team started their search to find Bhavani, a suitable match. 

And that’s how Rajesh’s horoscope matched with Bhavani’s. They met each other and decided to get engaged, both the families were very happy with the match. In April, Rajesh and Bhavani got married. 

We wish the happy couple - a happily ever after! 

It’s ever too late to register at Kalyanamalai and find your perfect match at Kalyanamalai.