Thursday, 20 May 2021

What’s meant to be, finds its way!


This story is not just about two individuals getting married but also about two childhood friends who got reunited!

Shiva Shankar (the groom) lives in Malaysia and was registered with Kalyanamalai by his parents. 

Soon after registering, we sent them many profiles of potential prospects but only one caught the groom’s eye! It was K. Janani Kumar (the bride)

When the groom’s family saw Janani's profile, their expectations were fulfilled! 

The bride and groom’s parents spoke over the telephone to fix their marriage and they were surprised to know that the mothers of the bride and groom were childhood friends who lost touch after they got married. 

And when they met after 40 years through Kalyanamalai, it was just like old times..

Both the families were happy and they decided to take things forward. The groom flew from Malaysia to meet the bride and he was welcomed with a grand celebration.

Shiva Shankar met Janani and fell in love with her instantly. They spoke about their future, hopes, and dreams. By the end, they decided to get engaged. In the next six months, they got married. 

Through this marriage, Kalyanamalai didn’t just help two individuals their ideal match but also reunited 2 childhood best friends.

Kalyanamalai wishes the lovely couple a very happy and blessed married life!

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3 Tips To Make Your Tamil Wedding A Lavish Party

Tamil weddings have always had this simple and traditional setting with a small mandapa, marigold flower decoration, and Nadaswaram and Tawil, but as times have changed, the preferences and tastes of Tamil couples have changed too. 

Surya and Jyothika, Dhanush-Aishwarya, Prasanna-Sneha, etc started the luxury trend for a Tamil wedding. 

In the footsteps of these Tamil superstars organizing great celebrity weddings, several Tamil couples have shown interest in hosting a major event for their Tamil wedding ceremony. 

For those Tamil brides and grooms planning a luxurious Tamil wedding, here are some tips. 

  1. Choose an exotic location:

The location of the Tamil wedding plays a key role in making it a luxurious event. To make your Tamil wedding exciting, you can choose an exotic location out of the country.

A location with a beautiful view can instantly add splendor to your Tamil wedding. Both, the bride and the groom together with their parents can decide the wedding location.  

Alternatively, there are several impressive locations in India itself such as the Hampi temples in Karnataka, the backwaters of Kerala, Mahabalipuram in Chennai, etc.

To help you find the perfect venue here is a write-up: Click Here

2. Luxurious Room Decoration:

Once the location is fixed, the venue itself will give a grand look to the wedding. 

Traditionally, Tamil wedding decoration is filled with yellow and orange marigold flowers. To make your marriage seem like a royal affair, one can opt for exotic wedding flowers like orchids, roses, jasmine, tuberose, lilies, lilacs, etc. These flowers can be used in a variety of ways to decorate the entire place in an opulent way. 

Canopies, flower chandeliers, flower curtains, flower accents, potted flowers hanging, flower fountains, inverted garden, etc with beautifully arranged lights and flowers within the venue and fairy lights wrapped around flower garlands on the walls, pillars, sparkling backdrop, and ceilings, etc can add the WOW factor to your wedding.

3. Set a Lavish Theme

The bride and the groom have many theme options to choose from. 

If you want to hold a Tamil wedding, make sure to wear luxurious and rich attires that would blow the mind of your guests. Traditional silk sarees, Kanyevalam, lehengas, etc. are common in Tamil marriages. By setting a luxurious theme, you can be sure that your wedding would be a wedding that your guests would not forget. 

To help you find the perfect venue decorations: Click Here

And if you are looking for the best Traditional Silk Saree: Click Here

Gone are the days when Tamil weddings were just about their elusive ceremony. Today, Tamil brides and grooms are looking for newer options for their weddings. 

It's time to make Tamil weddings luxurious, magnificent, and unforgettable.

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Thursday, 6 May 2021

Twins married Twins - This will make you believe in fate!

Finding the perfect match is a challenging process, imagine finding a perfect match for twins who want to marry twins! 

Doesn’t it sound interesting and double challenging?

This is a story about twin brothers, Praveen and Naveen who registered for our Kalyanamalai service. Praveen and Naveen’s parents wanted to get their sons married to twin sisters. 

And with this expectation, on 20th December 2020, the twins' profiles were aired on Kalyanamalai’s TV Show.

Within hours, their profiles were matched with Harshini and Varshini, the twin sisters who had the same expectation in their mind.

Their families met and liked each other and so did the twins. They decided to go ahead with the alliance and exchanged horoscopes. Within a month, the twins got engaged!

In April, the twins married twins in Madurai. They had a grand reception in Chennai. 

Their families are so happy and have thanked Kalyanamalai for their support. 

Kalyanamalai wishes both the couples a very happy and blessed married life. 

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Mudaliar Wedding Rituals

Weddings in India and every one of the wedding ceremonies has such a lot of significance in them. Every little custom has a lovely story installed in it and one must be fortunate to have a wedding loaded up with such excellent ceremonies. 

Bringing to you all the adoration and euphoria, flawlessly mixed with customs and ceremonies from the tamizh mudaliar wedding rituals. 

A customary tamizh mudaliar wedding starts with 

  • The Pandakaal where both the families offer prayer to god for an upbeat, continuous wedding. This custom happens a day prior to the wedding.

  • The custom of purifying and cleaning, Nalungu is normally done on the night prior to the real wedding. The lady and the husband are made to sit in mats and tree plates are kept close to them containing turmeric glue, kumkum, scented oils, and a combination of lime and turmeric in water (Aarti).

  • The Muhurtam day starts with 'Mappillai Azhaippu' where the sibling or uncle of the bride welcomes the lucky man to wed the lady and he is invited by the bride’s family in an important way.

The morning of the wedding implies the best day of the couples' lives and a 'pandal' is introduced to stamp the beginning of a festival. After which the bride takes part in the Padha Poojai where the bride washes the elder's feet to show appreciation to them, at that point, the Kasi Yatra occurred where the husband to be prepared for the journey, however, is halted by the lady of the hour's sibling mentioning him to wed her. This is followed by 'Mahalakshmi Pooja' where prayers are offered to the Goddess of wealth.


After these customs, several prepare for the muhurta while the man of the hour's family cooks Pongal in an earthen pot, this custom is known as the Manai Pongal. The Muhurtam starts with the priest lighting the hallowed fire and directing the Ganapati homam, looking for endowments of Lord Ganesha after which the lady is given over to the man of the hour – this is called Kannika dhanam, the most vital piece of the wedding. The lucky man at that point ties the sacred 'Mangalam string and rice dunked in turmeric is showered upon the couple as a demonstration of gift to the couple. After this there are a couple of more practices that are done to finish up the wedding such as-

  • Omam- Where the couples pay homage to the sacred fire

  • Sesha- Blessings for the couple

  • Paying respect to the Arasanukkal: The couple goes around the “arasanikkal’ three times.

That is the occasion; two spirits are integrated until the end of time. Then the couples have a Reception where the post-wedding celebrations happen. 

May the years ahead be filled with love and joy.

Happy Kalyanam!

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Understanding the Seven Vows of the Hindu Marriage!

A couple is considered “married” only when the bride and the groom take the seven wedding vows to promise to be with each other for eternity around the holy pyre (Agni) as the witness.

For the seven vows to take place, the holy fire is lit using wood, ghee, and cow manure in the sacred fireplace (Havan Kund). 

According to Hindu mythology, fire is one of the five natural elements that make the human body which is why it is considered important. It is also believed that fire is capable of tying the couple in an eternal bond of marriage because fire is the one thing that separates them from each other. In the Hindu religion, the body of a person is burnt after death.

Every religion and culture has its own set of vows but the final aim is to keep their relation unbreakable. 

Let’s dive deeper into these 7 vows:

  1. The First Vow 

In the first vow, the groom promises to take care of his bride, their children and the family’s well being and in return, the bride undertakes the responsibility of looking after the household management. 

  1. The Second Vow 

In the second vow, the groom vows that he will be loyal and faithful to his to-be wife and will stand by her through all the ups and downs. He will support her by providing mental, physical and financial stability and security to her and the family. The bride vows that she will share the responsibility by standing with him as his strength through all his agonies and ecstasies.  

  1. The Third Vow 

In the third vow, the groom promises to work hard towards growing wealth and prosperity and to educate their children. The bride promises to prioritize her groom above every other man in her life. She vows to unconditionally love her groom for the rest of her life. 

  1. The Fourth Vow

In the fourth vow, the groom promises to bring completeness and sacredness to their relationship. He vows to respect both the families equally and include his bride’s opinion in all his life decisions. In return, the bride promises to stand by her groom through the family commitments and will respect all the decisions that he makes for her and the family. She vows to protect her groom and will even sacrifice her life for him if she has to. 

  1. The Fifth Vow

The fifth round around the holy fire is to share happiness and sorrows. The groom promises to be her best friend and understands her in every part of his life. The bride promises to love and cherish her groom as long as she lives. She considers his happiness and sorrows as her own. 

  1. The Sixth Vow

The sixth vow around the holy fire is called two bodies, one soul. The groom and bride promise each other to fill each other’s life with happiness and peace. They pray to be blessed with healthy children and promise to nurture their children with great love and care.

  1. The Seventh Vow 

The last vow around the holy fire, the seventh round is when they have become husband and wife. After this vow, their souls are united with a divine thread of love and togetherness till eternity. They promise to abide by the vows that they have taken with pure and true intentions.

The Perfect Match

This is a story about two happily married people, Praveena and Vignesh who met through our website

Praveena, the bride is from Bangalore. She joined our service on 16th September 2020, through one of our free registration campaigns.On the other hand, Vignesh, the groom is from Chennai. He joined Kalyanamalai Scheme on 24th June 2019.

Praveena’s mother, Mrs. Sakila Annadurai says 

“We got to know about Kalyanamalai through one of our Sun TV shows. Kalyanamalai Mohan. Mohan Sir helps in finding the perfect match along with Kalayanamalai’s Executive Miss. Radhika. Four to five profiles were sent to us but we weren't completely satisfied, but later we received a profile from Chennai and that was Mr.Vignesh. We all liked the profile and asked Radhika Ma’am to proceed."

As soon as we got a green signal from Praveena's side, we sent her profile to Vignesh and his family.

And they matched!

Covid 19 was at its peak in 2020 but that didn't stop the magic from happening. Praveena's and Vignesh’s horoscope were exchanged and both the families got in touch and took this forward virtually, thanks to video calls.  

Vignesh's family also applied for an E-pass but unfortunately, that couldn't get through. But as you all know, the third time's the charm - they finally got the pass and visited Praveena and her family in Bangalore. Praveena and Vignesh met and they liked each other and decided to proceed with the alliance. The engagement date was fixed for 26th October 2020. On 18th October 2020, Praveena and her family visited Vignesh's house. 

Despite the pandemic, the engagement ceremony was beautiful. The wedding date was fixed for the 4th of February 2021 and it was a Mudhalayar wedding. The wedding took place in Porur and it was remarkable. 

Being super happy and satisfied with the partner search experience at Kalyanamalai, Praveena's parents have now registered Praveena's sister for the prospect search.

We wish Praveen and Vignesh a good and blessed life ahead. 

Who we marry is one of the most important decisions in life!

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