Monday, 25 October 2021

5 Cliché Wedding Decor Ideas to avoid

The outbreak of pandemic did reshape the way weddings used to take place but it’s time to say hello to the new and trending ones. Yes we get it, it’s your wedding day and as the bride-to-be you are entitled to nothing less than Pinterest worthy perfection. The dress, the shoes, the custom light-up sign and beautiful little party favours, nothing escapes your sharp attention to detail and impeccable taste. 

Let’s keep up with the trends and make your wedding the talk of the town with these amazing ideas. Note them down before you forget and miss anything.

  1. No Wedding Cakes But Something Different

We can totally bet with you on this one that wedding cakes are no longer in fashion. You will be surprised to see that people are actually having pancakes or donuts for their wedding celebrations and it is just amazing.

  1. Gone Are The Days Of All White And Basic Color Palettes

This year is all about bold and vibrant colors whether in matters of outfits or decor.  Make this the key rule of your wedding to have eye-catching and bold colors and you will truly love it.

  1. Brides In Pink And Red Lehengas

We think it’s time for brides to experiment with different color palettes for their wedding outfits as we have had enough of red and pinks and 2021 demands for some unique and offbeat colors.

  1. Leave Grand Wedding Venues For A Getaway Wedding

Having a getaway wedding with your close ones is something you will cherish forever and it will be amazing for you as well as the guests. Imagine having a section of resort or some villa for just your family members. Wouldn’t that be a great idea? 

  1. Coordinated Bridesmaids Outfits

Gone are the days when bridesmaids used to coordinate their outfits. However, mismatched bridesmaids outfits are literally trending and we are all hearts for it.

We assure you that these ideas are perfect for your dream wedding and you will not regret avoiding these ones. Start planning your wedding now with the help of these amazing ideas and trends.

Monday, 11 October 2021

Top 5 Indian style choker necklaces for your wedding

 You can never go wrong with a choker necklace! 

Beautifully crafted and fascinated with colorful gems, they're perfect with ethnic outfits, especially your wedding!

So take a ride though the Top 5 Indian style choker necklaces that will have you living in glory! 

  • Gold Choker Necklace

A stunning option for weddings, the right gold choker necklace designs make any lehenga/ saree set look majestic and striking.

  • Pretty Posh Pearl Choker Necklace

A  pearl choker necklace is a stunning upgrade for a traditional outfit!

When a pearl choker is paired with diamonds, it's super fancy and Fairy-like. When matched with pastel coloured kurtas, lehengas and sarees - pearl chokers have an undeniable appeal!

  • Kundan Choker Necklace - A National Favorite!

A popular bridal choker necklace! This piece has the potential to just elevate your look when paired with any simpler Indian outfits. This is a celebrity fave for upgrading desi ensembles.

Wear a kundan stone choker necklace with a saree or huge embroidered work dress to add volume and bling!

  • Temple jewellery choker:

Bride's temple jewellery choker is a perfect traditionally-modern jewellery piece. Looks stunning with any traditional outfit of yours! 

  • Full Jadau choker sets

Have you dreamt of a royal wedding? Then the classic jadau setting with a dash of rubies or emeralds are the best options to get drenched in an all royal aura, full & elaborate chokers!

Let us know which choker necklace design resonated with your style quotient the most!

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

5 Things To Check At Your Lehenga Fitting

 Take every lehenga fitting of yours very seriously as your lehenga is gonna be the showstopper of sorts at the wedding. It needs to have a proper fitting and look like it was made just for you, no matter whether it's a budget one or designer. 

That is why the lehenga fitting is super important, and we got you a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when going for your lehenga fitting!

  • Do not go alone for the fitting

The wedding lehenga fitting is not the time to go alone- you need someone you trust to give you an honest opinion. But we suggest you not to go with more than 2 people whose judgement you absolutely trust! 

  • Avoid wearing dark shades of lipstick for your trial!

Imagine ruining your lehenga with a lipstick mark way before the D-day. Scary, right? Hence, avoid wearing a dark tone of lip color to your fitting, especially if your lehenga is a lighter color. 

  • Get it redone if you don't like it 

Is the second dupatta looking tacky or something in the lehenga or blouse you think looks different than what was promised? Then ask for a redo if you want to, don't hesitate! Some might charge for it too, but at least you'll get what you want!

  • Check for all zips, and stitches

Closely look through the work and the embroidery on your lehenga - make sure there are no over-stitches or threads hanging loose. Also check the zips, hooks and any other fasteners provided. Make sure the hooks are secured tightly with threads and can be comfortably fastened.

  • Communicate!

A lot of brides feel shy or bad to bring forth something they aren't happy about or any apprehensions- whether it is a fault in the lehenga or something you changed your mind about, be open to discussing it with the store or the designer and we are sure they'll be happy to oblige! 

We at Kalyanamalai wish you all the very best!!

Monday, 27 September 2021

10 Latest Tamil Wedding Songs For Sangeet

 Films like Santhosh Subramaniam (2008) and Kaatru Veliyidai (2017) have fabulously showcased the festivity of Tamil weddings. They are known to be intimate and traditional, but they never compromise on the fun factor. 

Your wedding day will include plenty of events, such as mehndi night, sangeet, bridal entrance, exchanging vows and even your first dance as a couple. 

For each significant moment, from slow to fast, romantic to the instrumental, and everything in between, this list has the best Tamil wedding songs that you’d love! And here is your listttt!

Let's start the vibe with

  1. Dharala Prabhu

A great song for the bride and groom introduction😍. Imagine dancing in front of your family and friends with your soulmate, we’re sure this song will give a great start as the main characters are being introduced!

  1. Mangalyam:

This song works well for other bride’s teams or groom’s team dance surprise performances! How about a dance competition between them? Doesn't it sound funn!! Wedding playlists to dance with friends and family to celebrate the fun of coming together is a must-have.

  1. Kutty Pattas

Doesn’t every bride want her partner to dance behind her and make her feel special. We know that is on every bride’s bucket list! So let's get that ticked with this song! Look grooms we know you might not wanna express your emotions but common it's your special day.

  1. Rakita Rakita Rakita

It’s Dumm Dumm Dumm time.

  1. Aaha Kalyanam

A Super Wedding song from a Super film featuring a Superstar! This song sets the vibe just right for your wedding!

  1. Come On Girls

Let’s Celebrate your wedding, Anirudh style! ‘Come on Girls’ from 3 keeps it simple and funn. 

  1. Rathathin Rathamay

For all the lovable brothers out there! Here is your turn to show your love to your sisters!

  1. Saarattu Vandiyila

A song that has become a part of all weddings, but we are not over it! The colorful riot and the choreography is a delight! To mark the entry of the bride-groom expressing the love that her family has for her.

  1. Anbil Avan

What do you think happens when an Accordion played at Christian weddings is blended with Nadaswaram, played at Hindu weddings? You get the lovely blend of ‘Anbil Avan’, the perfect ‘ever after’ wedding song

  1. Manamaganin Sathiyam

All about vows! In hindu culture we respect vows and vows play an important part! Bride’s vow and Groom’s vow makes the perfect songs to play for the Bride and Groom’s entries.

Kalyanamalai wishes you the best!

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

5 Ways to Plan a Luxurious Wedding in a Budget

There’s something incredibly special about Indian weddings – a jam packed, colorful, two to three day extravaganza filled with lavish dĂ©cor, mouth-watering food, dance and loads of relatives you’ve never ever met! 

However despite weddings being fun to plan and attend, there’s no escaping from the dreaded wedding budget. It’s no surprise that the cost of an Indian wedding has almost doubled over the last few years.

While executing each and every step of your wedding, you will be highly astonished to realize how much of a simple flower arrangement would cost! And to execute a budget wedding you need to look closely over each and every element of your wedding because an enchanting decor, beautiful wedding attire, an expert catering service, photographers, and gifts come with a hefty price tag.

For all the expectant brides and grooms who are closer to their BIG day, here are 5 tips to help you out Plan a Luxurious Wedding on a Budget.

  1. Host your pre-wedding puja’s or religious ceremonies and parties at home

Anything you spend for your wedding not just for the day but also pre- wedding pooja counts as an expenditure to your wedding budget. Your pre-wedding functions don’t have to be over the top. To begin with, we suggest you invite only your closest friends and relatives. Seek assistance from your relatives and friends to help you with decorations and if need be, song and dance. If your house is too small to hold an event, don’t worry about hosting it at a friend’s or family’s place (that’s what friends are for ❤) or a well equipped venue. 

  1. Draft your Financial Situation in Detail

Finance is one of the important elements for any party, ceremony or event. For organizing a successful event you should be backed up with the necessary funds to arrange the wedding of your dreams. Compartmentalize each and every segment of your wedding and attach an expected/ maximum budget to them.

  1. Get married on a weekday

It’s a fact that some venues charge extra for a weekend wedding? The season also makes a difference. Summer is the peak wedding season with Spring coming in at a close second. So we suggest you have your wedding on a week day.

  1. Book a Musician

Music is an important part of a wedding and instead of hiring a band or a DJ for the full night, book a musician for the early hours of the reception. Then, you can switch to a curated playlist that a trusted friend or family member can manage. 

We suggest that this little trick can cut your entertainment budget in half!

  1. Choose a unique venue

Choose a venue with a theme already set so you spend less on decorations. Think art museums, botanical gardens, and heritage homes that are already well decorated from entrance to the halls and all you have to do is adapt to the theme.

Just remember that an expensive wedding doesn’t mean or guarantee happiness. You must be in love first, before you get married. ❤

Kalyanamalai wishes you the best!

Monday, 13 September 2021

Top 5 Bridal Mehndi design ideas

If there is something that the bride and her tribe enjoy the most during the pre-wedding functions is definitely the Mehndi. 

While prepping for Mehndi includes everything from arranging floral jewellery, selecting the outfit and having a cute photo booth with props, the most important element is choosing a good mehndi design for your big day. 

When it comes to henna designs, brides have their own preferences. Some like a simple mehndi design, while others want to go all out with an intricate bridal mehendi design. 

Whatever may be your liking when it comes to mehandi designs, we have you covered with the top 5 mehandi designs that we spotted on real brides that will look fabulous on anyone!

  1. Royal Bridal Mehndi Design:

This wedding bridal mehndi design for front hands looks marvellous. Especially the way the design has depicted the maharani adorned with floral and peacock motifs. All these Royal Designs are very Easy Mehndi Designs. You can apply it comfortably on your Hands. It looks Very Beautiful to see as well. 

  1. Arabic Full Hand Mehndi:

In case you are not a huge fan of mehndi that covers every inch of your skin, here’s what you can get. 

The subtle Arabic Mehndi designs that adorn your hands on your big day! As far as we are concerned, Arabic Mehndi is the traditional Indian Mehndi simple yet elegant! 

If Indie Mehndi designs are intricate and stunning, then Arabic designs are delicate and charming! Suit yourself.

  1. Portrait Mehndi Designs:

Well, if YOU don’t get cheesy on your big day, who else will?

Lately, we’re seeing brides getting portrait bridal mehndi designs, and we can’t tell you how much we adore them! 

What’s more beautiful is that, a chance to let the most important people in the world know what they mean to you!

Some brides get portraits of their parents, some their fiancé, a few of the brides are even getting portraits of their fav deities, or of the wedding ceremony itself drawn on their full hands with mehendi. The list goes on!

  1. STORY-BASED Mehndi Designs:

What’s your story? Where did you guys meet first? Who proposed whom? Where did it all begin? When? How? Who?

There’s a never-ending train of questions that you’re bombarded with, even at your wedding. Right? How about letting your full hand bridal mehndi design speak for itself? A little portrait of the place where it all began? A portrait of who proposed, and how? Best memory you’ve had. 

Having a story-based mehendi is really exciting and you sure don’t want to miss out on the fun! 


  1. The Floral Bloom in a Bridal Mehendi:

Geometric shapes romance with floral elements and artistic leaves to add the freshness of nature's beauty to your palms. Opt for this latest bridal mehndi design for your wedding day if you want to keep it contemporary.

Mehndi adorns the hands and life takes on a new colour!

Comment below your favourite mehndi design with us!

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Good things might take time!

Leela, the bride's mother, was worried as they were looking for a match for her daughter, Kavitha for about 3 years, but wasn't able to find a suitable groom for her.  

In October, Kavitha and her family visited their relatives house in Trichy and that's when Leela (Kavitha’s mother) found Kalyanamalai’s Magazine and enquired about Kalyanamalai amongst her relatives.

Kavitha’s relatives were the members of Kalyanamalai and shared their experience with Leela and her family. 

Hearing about the services that Kalyanamalai provides, Lela registered her daughter, Kavitha at Kalyanamalai’s Trichy office.

Kavitha was registered in the month of November and within a month, she found a perfect match for her. 

Kavitha got married to the guy of her dreams in the month of December. Both families are happy, especially Leela, who mentioned that her wait dint go in vain as she is happy to see her daughter married.

Sometimes good things might take time, but it will happen.

Register with Kalyanamalai to find your ideal match!