Friday, 2 July 2021

5 Things to consider while hiring a Wedding Photographer

Now that the date has been set and you have found your soulmate, it is time to find someone to capture the true essence of the most memorable day of your life - a great wedding photographer! 

Here are 5 things to consider while looking out for a wedding photographer:

  1. Hire an Experienced Wedding Photographer:


You can start your search by browsing online for the profiles of the most popular wedding photographers and you can move forward by shortlisting them based on their work. 


Make sure you check the comments and ratings, as it will give you a better understanding of their work. 

  1. Share your ideas and understand their point of view:

Wedding photographers are not mind readers. You will have to be very clear when you share your ideas and expectations. You will have to make sure that they have a total understanding of your ideas, timelines, intentions, and expectations. 


If you have something special or a list of photos to be taken, we suggest you inform the wedding photographer once they are hired so that they plan the shoot accordingly. 


Normally, wedding photographers will not click pictures of people who are close and important to you. Be sure to introduce the photographer to your close ones so that they can capture the more memorable moments of your wedding. 


  1. Photography Team Size:


After discussing your ideas and expectations, understand the size of the photography team. The ideal team size for wedding photography is two. 


Which is perfect for covering the entire wedding event. The first photographer focuses on the bride and groom, the second photographer can take pictures of the friends and family so that the wedding is covered properly.  


The second photographer can also assist the main photographer with lighting and equipment.

  1. Trust your photographer:

The trust you build on your wedding photographer will have a huge impact on your photographs. 

Keep in mind the shooting theme and concepts, your wedding photographer will lead you to the best results, because they have photographed hundreds of other weddings before yours. 

Their experience will make it easier for you to trust their skills. Your photographer will save you the trouble to look for the following things such as :

  1. Location

  2. Time of the shoot 

  3. Poses

  4. Editing your Photos

  5. Handling print of the photographs

As they would have done complete research on these for you and they will look into this so that you can have the more memorable photographs from your wedding.

  1. Discuss the Terms and Conditions:


You can get an agreement signed by you and the photographer to formally determine the expectations set for the wedding. 

Make sure the contract contains details such as:

  • The recording of the ceremony. 

  • The shooting date and time.

  • The photographer's photography rights.

  • License fees or security deposits, etc.

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