Monday, 3 December 2012

Mega Community Meet and Vivaha Prarthana Program - Tambaram, Chennai

Our Varan Thedum Peruvizha a Mega Community Meet and Vivaha Prarthana Pooja held at Tambaram in the month July was a grand success. After the meet, we have received a number of thanking phone calls from the parents who were benefited by the meet. We also have received equal or even more number of phone calls from the anxious parents who missed the meet. In fact it was their demand that prompted us to organise a similar program at the same venue.

On 2nd December 2012 KM Matrimony under its Kalyanamalai banner has organised a Varan Thedum Peruvizha. It included a Mega Community Meet covering 27 communities and a Vivaha Prarthana Pooja. The program was held at Jai Gopal Garodia National Higher Secondary School, East Tambaram, Chennai, where the earlier July meet was held. The posters, hand bills and the emails sent to the prospective brides and grooms have perfectly percolated the news about the meet.

The help telephone lines of KM Matrimony started ringing right from the first day of announcement about the meeting date. In spite of advance announcement about 25% hike in tariff from 1st December 2012, KM Matrimony encouraged and even sent mail to its users to avail the benefit of reduced tariff before its rise. Hundreds of people registered before the due date and got benefitted. Many of them have appreciated the good gesture of KM Matrimony in sending such a mail knowing very well that such action will dent in its profits.

The earned experience in conducting events of such size has helped KM Matrimony to make fool-proof arrangements for the meet. Some of the arrangements such as offering colour profiles in colour print matching with the partner preferences (except the jadakam matching) mentioned by the newly registered came as a surprise to many of them. It even enabled some of them to meet the parents of such profiles at the community meet to make further inroads in marriage fixing.

Mr.K.Narayana Rao, Secretary of the Jai Gopal Garodia National Higher Secondary School, Principal of the school and Pulavar Ramalingam were among the invited guests when the program started with Vivaha Prarthana Pooja and Homam. Kalyanamalai Mohan, Chairman of KM Matrimony and Mrs.Meera Nagarajan, Managing Director of KM Matrimony have welcomed the gathering, honoured the invitees and did the first sankalpams for the Pooja. The other people who have registered for the pooja performed sankalpams narrating the names of their closed ones to get the real benefit of the Pooja and the Homam. The people who have performed sankalpams include those who have performed for themselves, their son or daughter, sister, brother, relative or a friend. In every Vivaha Prarthana Event we see the number of people joining such sankalpam is increasing. It clearly indicates the growing level of faith for the prarthana and the ever-increasing level of beneficiaries.

Experienced, learned and well-trained Vedic scholars started the poojas with a traditional first Pooja to Lord Ganapathi to invoke his blessings and for the smooth organising of the program. In the Swayamvara Parvathy Pooja, the goddess Parvathy and God Siva were presented as Kokilambal and Udvaganathar of Thirumanancher, where, the marriage of them supposed to have taken place. To perform archana to the deity gold dipped Swarna Kamalams were used.

The Vedic scholars then performed Haridra Ganapathi Homam to bless the devotees with disease-free life and to protect them from evil spirits, Lakshmi Kubera Homam to bless bountiful wealth to the devotees, and Sudarsana homam to save the devotees from all types of miseries. The Swayamvara Parvathi Homam performed to remove all types of obstacles that prevent performing of a marriage and bless the couples with successful marriage was performed. The Navagraha home performed was aimed at to protect the participants and others from the evils of all the graha doshams.

At the end of all the homams poornahuthi offering sandal paste, kumkum, herbs, fruits, dry coconut, dry fruits, blouse, vasthirams, and silk saree along with flower garlands to please the god Agni was performed. The poojas concluded with neivethyam and other upacharas to the deities present. Prasadams were distributed to all the devotees assembled for the pooja.

The visitors who came to register for the services at the meet where given good briefing on various services offered by KM Matrimony, their benefits, plus and minus points and the price. The convincing talking and the result oriented schemes offered by KM Matrimony pleased a number of registrants, and they registered for the services.

In the community meet arranged for 27 communities at various rooms earmarked a large sized TV kept projected the profiles for the best view of the participants. A well-trained KM Matrimony official offered descriptions of each profile appeared on-screen and came in person at the hall. The people who got introduced at the hall explained their preferences about future life partner in a clear and unambiguous tone for an early marriage.

The mega meet scheduled to end around 2.00 PM continued beyond 4.00 PM due to good response from the new registrants. We find that increased number of people are registering with KM Matrimony for achieving early marriage. They all have understood its reach and its mission in percolating the registered profiles through its organised Mega Community Meets, Kalyanamalai Magazine and SUN TV program.
The next Mega Community Meet is arranged at Coimbatore 9th December 2012 and Kalyanamalai SUN TV shooting is arranged on 15th December 2012 at Rajakilpakkam, Chennai.