Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Handling Fake Profiles at Matrimonial Websites

It is an interesting fact that more number of people from the 3rd, 4th tier cities and even bigger villages in India, have started using online matrimonial services. The educated younger generation from these places, do not hesitate to use the internet, to register with the well-known matrimonial websites, in search of their life partner. The easy internet access, allows them to search their would be bride or groom, in private or in the company of their parents, without the hassle of travelling to far off places. For those, who believe in horoscope matching, such matrimonial websites, offer a suitable software to check it. The family details, education and expectations about their life partner, enables the matrimonial website users, to zero on the prospective profiles.

Unfortunately, the online matrimony is vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous fake users. Currently, more number of scammers, register for online matrimonial services with fake profiles, to exploit and cheat the other users. Often they use fake addresses, false emails created for the purpose, fraud with their education, employment and family details, while registering. While, most of them make such registrations to cheat and make money, some of them do such registration for the sake of fun. It is a sad fact that even some of the matrimonial websites resort to this unethical practice to exaggerate the number of their online registered users.

The websites such as deploy a number of positive steps to curb such misuse to the extent possible. KM Matrimony on its part calls back each of the registered users on the given telephone number to check the contact details geneuiness of profiles for authenticity and validates it. This process though to a larger extent makes the profile registration as genuine the cross checking of other details such as family, education and employment becomes impossible. But the ground event programs of KM Matrimony such as Mega Community Meet, Thirumana Thiruvizha and others are used for the extensive distribution of all the registered profiles. Such distribution invariably helps in the cross checking of the details by registered participants at the event and helps us to remove the profiles with fake details.
It is essential for such users, to make all the fact-finding enquiries on qualification, education and family, before fixing the marriage. This becomes more important, if a chosen bride or groom is from a different state or country. In the selection process, if they come across a fake profile they should not hesitate to inform the details to the online website. Such information while enable the online website to remove such fake profile will also help others from falling victims to such profiles in future.