Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Ask Questions to Understand Your Future Life Partner

It is always argued that arranged marriages, will never give the same level of comfort, in understanding the future one’s life partner as that of a love marriage. Though, the argument appears to be correct, but, it actually is not.

India continues to lead the world, with increased level of arranged marriages. In the case of arranged marriages, in addition to matching of horoscopes, the verification of individual profiles takes place, before entering the second stage of meeting of the profile in person. The meeting stage is very crucial, to accept or reject a bride or groom. Most of the time, during such meetings, both the bride and groom enjoy only a short interaction, to understand each other to accept or reject the other. Some among them due to lack of self-confidence either fail to project themselves properly or ask the questions they have in mind.
It is essential for a bride or groom to understand the value of such interaction and learn the basics to handle such a situation before hand.

Determination to Marry:
It is essential to understand whether the other person (bride or groom) has interest to marry at that point of time. Most often it is found especially the grooms nod their head for the marriage purely on family compulsions. If someone is not sure or willing to get married there is no point in going ahead with the marriage arrangement. Proceeding to a marriage in such situations with an assumption that the marriage will ultimately cure such mindset is a bad idea. In fact it will spoil the matrimonial pleasure of the other partner. Therefore make certain to receive a positive answer for the question.

Life Ambitions:
Life ambitions play an important role in a marriage. The ambition may be to make a better job placement, earn and settle in life or just lead a princely life. For a successful marriage it is essential to have matching ambitions and goals. It is often found that couples with mismatching goals and ambitions fail to lead a happy married life. Both the partners should make sure to have matching goals of life.

Temperament to Adjust:
Unlike western countries where the marriage allows two individuals to form a family, the Indian culture goes beyond that. Here, in India, a marriage brings two different families into one group for amicable living. It is essential to understand the mindset and willingness of the partner to line up for such a situation and try to make it for the best future.

Similar Mindset:
A couple with matching intellect and mindset will always have the best of married life. The bride or groom who is ready for the marriage need to know that the rest of the years after the marriage will be spent in the company of his or her mate. It is always better to marry a spouse with matching intellect for an engaging and matching conversation all through the life. Such intellectual compatibility is essential for the happiness of the marriage.

Social Heritage:
Social heritage or family background plays an important role in a marriage. The etiquette, manners, culture and values towards life are often inherited from the parents. The brought up of an individual is vital to shape the future of him/her. It is always bliss to marry someone who comes from a family that respects the rights and freedom of the individuals.

Therefore, if you plan to marry in near future please understand the basic traits of a bride or groom by asking and understanding the mentioned points.