Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Creating a Successful Online Matrimonial Profile

There is an upsurge in the use of matrimonial websites in India. More number of educated men and women find matrimonial websites as a convenient place to search his or her life partner.

It is an undeniable fact that only a well constructed on-line profile will help you in finding your partner in the web. Your matrimonial profile seen by thousands of potential brides or grooms and their parents should offer them the needed information unambiguously. Always give the genuine information about you in the profile. It is very easy for anyone to cross-check the details and weed out the profiles infested with bogus information.

Filling up the Basic Details

Most of the online matrimonial websites will need you to give your personal details such as your name, gender, date of birth/age, family details, and community information. Provide your applicable marital status properly as unmarried/divorced/widowed and marriage not consummated. While the unmarried or widowed registrants need not provide any certificate to prove their status the divorced and the marriage not consummated registrants need to send a copy of the divorce certificate to make the online registration functional.

Fill in your education and professional details correctly. This will always help those seeking their partner with a specific qualification and profession to reach you. Give your correct phone mobile and email contact details. Such details, while increasing profile seeker’s confidence also will enable him/her to reach you quickly.

Your Photograph

Your online registration will remain incomplete without a proper photo of you. Remember, only a clear and well focused photo will create the first-best impression about you in the mind of the profile seekers. Online marriage seekers will normally ignore profiles without photos. Always upload multiple number of clear photos, showing both close-up and long shots for use in the profile. Please make sure that all the uploaded photos have only you in the frame.

Physical Attributes & Personal Habits

Mentioning of your physical attributes and your personal habits plays a vital role. Your opposite sex who is in the lookout for a right partner will always go through such details. Correct mentioning of your height, weight, complexion and physique will get you a right partner. Don’t forget to mention your blood group and disabilities if any. Filling up the details on your hobby and other interests will help others to understand more about your positive side.

Brief Self Explanation

Similarly do not fail to give a brief self-explanation about your expectations of your life partner. Always write a crisp self explanation that will project you as the right person. Don’t include your personal physical description and never give away any intimate details in the profile.

Regularly Visit your Profile

Lastly make it a point to log-in to your profile page everyday and reply the received expression of interest mails and the mails that answers to your expression of interest. Never fail to reply the mails received on your given e-mail ID or the contacts made on your telephone or mobile numbers.

All the best.