Thursday, 13 June 2013

Let not the Technological Innovations Decide the Fate of Your Marriage

Telecom and technological innovations during the last decade and the continuing of new inventions are slowly and steadily eroding the personal life of the present day couple. The demanding current day living styles are quite in contrast to the calm and sedate living styles of yesteryear couples.

The communication gadgets such as laptop and mobile phone are playing a crucial role in  preventing the young couple to have work life balance. These two gadgets are cited as reasons for most of the family wrangles of today. The changed and demanding work culture necessitates either or both the couples to use such gadgets even at  home. The problem becomes multiplied when only one of them becomes more connected to a laptop or a mobile phone at home.

If a male starts using the laptop connected to the internet at home to answer the emails or prepare and send his emails he often forgets the presence of his partner. More often, such a neglect will even deprive passionate moments and normal sex activity between the couple. Most of the time they hardly exchange few words or sometimes none. Some of them use internet enabled mobile phones that serve the dual purpose of watching the internet as well as talking. Some of them even while talking with their spouses will continue to text the messages without giving due attention to the conversation.

More often the affected female partner instead of taking up the issue with her husband will feel neglected and isolated. Even if she tries to initiate any conversation, it normally will get a mute response from the husband who is engrossed with his laptop. The neglected woman often takes the extreme step of demanding a divorce.

Similarly, there are instances where wives are engrossed and engaged in social networks such as Facebook for hours together or talking on a  mobile phone for a longer duration. The women addicted to mobile talking often do not socialise personally in groups or engage intimately with an interest in their family related activities. They often become irritable where there are no Facebook messages or when they forget to carry their mobile phone with them.

If either of the partners becomes obsessive with email checking even at midnight, glued to the laptop while at home, talking or texting using mobile phone without any family oriented interaction at home, it affects the other partner. She/he feels isolated when the partner ignores her/his real presence at home and go in search of virtual friends at social networks and interacts with them.

The emerging researches calls the internet addiction and obsession to social network usage by the married couple as perturbing trend that needs immediate correction. It indicates that such a trend if go unchecked will lead to increased rate of divorce among the newly married,