Monday, 18 March 2013

Getti Melam Program – A New Initiative of KM Matrimony

The new Getti Melam program from Kalyanamalai which evoked much interest from the day one of its announcement was held successfully at Vijaya Mahal, Pondy Bazaar, Chennai on 9th and 10th of March. The registration amount for the program was kept as Rs.1001/- to benefit larger chunk of marriage seekers.
In order to help everyone who is on the lookout of a bride or groom and to make sure of larger participation, KM Matrimony used all the vehicles of propaganda such as posters, handbills, newspaper advertisements and FM radio advertisements to announce the details of the program. The program arranged during the weekend from 8.00AM to 8.00 PM for the participants' convenience.

On Saturday the 9th March the program started with a prayer seeking the blessings of god for the success of the program and early marriage benefit to all the participants. A number of families assembled in the hall even before the start of the program. KM Matrimony has made elaborate arrangements at every stage to help quick registration of the details of the participants. The participants expressed surprise and satisfaction when they received the color profiles matching their specifications within 30 minutes.

Though, an amount of Rs.1001/- was fixed as registration fee for the program, to have continual registration and increased level of benefits a number of parents have registered for regular three and six month schemes. Saturday being partial working day for most of the companies a number of registrants came even after 8.00 PM. Such an enthusiasm amply displayed the increased level of patronage and confidence KM Matrimony enjoys among its users. 

The second day (10th) being a Sunday, a large number marriage aspirants gathered at the hall right from the morning. After 11.00 AM a number of them came with their families and children. The fully air-conditioned Vijaya Mahal comforted them from the scorching sun outside. 

Kalyanamalai Mohan, happily moved around the participants, talked with them and comforted them about the immediate prospective marriage with soothing words. Similarly, Mrs.Meera Nagarajan assured the participants about the continued constructive role of KM Matrimony in realizing their marriage dreams.

Thousands of marriage aspirants have participated in the two days Getti Melam program to get the benefit of an early marriage. After serving the last visitor of the day Kalyanamalai Mohan and Meera Nagarajan congratulated the employees of KM Matrimony for their effective participation and had a group photo to honor them. The two-day program came to an end with a happy note.