Thursday, 28 March 2013

Don’t Struck Up with Your Past Love – Learn to Forget and Live Afresh

A few days back a good looking  young man came to Kalyanamalai office with his parents. Anxiety was written on the face of all of them.  We could see the parents trying to convince their son to register for our services.  On another occasion it was a beautiful young lady and her parents. They  were also trying to console the daughter and make her agree to register for our services. What was common between the young man and the young woman was love failure.
Most of us have faced failures in our life at-least once. When we can shake off and continue our life with other failures, we get struck , when we face a love failure. We continue to get haunted by the negative memories, feel the pain and try to cling to the past involuntarily.

Learn to Overcome the Feeling
It is a fact that you cannot really change such love laden past or forget it easily. But, you can always consider it as a bad element of your past and shrug it off. Learn to use it only as a launching pad, to learn new experiences, to live a full life. You don’t try to rescript the failure that you went through, but, try to comprehend it and handle it with a strong mind. Always remember that carrying such emotional pain lifelong, will only doom you with more failures. Learn to overcome it and always keep in mind that love and life will not start and end with a single person.

Never Become Dependent on Opinions
Forever remember that it is your life and you have to leave the hurt to move on. You will find a number of advisors surround you  and offer you advises, opinions and asking questions. Learn to listen to them disenchanted, never allow them a chance to probe into your mind and hurt you. Try to remember only those suggestions that can really benefit you. Use the period for right self introspection and never get emotionally blackmailed and become dependent on offered opinions.

Have Support of Friends
Never remain aloof and go on self-exile. It will only complicate the issue and increase your sorrow. Think of a friend on whom you can fall back for support. Choose those friends, who can cheer you up without reminding you on your past. Take pause from your work  and go on a holiday to a crowded place, where you can see a number of people. Take the help of your friends and get assured that you will never be alone. Indulge in new sports with them. Enter into cheerful conversations about your work place, college or even school days but make sure that they don’t talk on your lost love.

Develop Letgo Tendency
Never try to carry your old baggage in real-time. Never clutch to the old insult, anger, loss of mind with you all the time. Learn to separate those emotional triggers from your life with a developed let it go habit. Grow a disenchanted feeling towards your lost love and assure yourself that it can’t hurt you any more.

Don’t Allow Your past to Control Your Future
The first thing you must learn is not to allow your past to have any say in your future life. Most of the time we allow the past bad experience, to have control on our life. Never develop a spontaneous response to carry-over the ugly effects of lost love into your future. Learn to overcome the negative challenges with your proactive attitude and newer mental insight.

Learn to Create a Positive Future
Don’t let the failure make you mentally fragile. Consider it as a challenge thrown at you and never allow the emotions of failure to envelop you. Learn to venture into your future armoured with the experiences learned from your past. Think positive and assure yourself that you can easily create a positive future for yourself. If you cannot then who can do it for you.

Time is the best healer and it applies perfectly to a love failure. But let you not take too much time to come-out of it. Learn as quickly as possible to leave your past once for all behind you. Turn yourself into better aspects of life knowing that there are people around you to love you and to join you in your life.