Sunday, 24 February 2013

Learn to Manage Your Work Related Stress to Keep Your Marriage Intact

Though the exact figure is not available, there is a good increase in the percentage of working women in India. Economic conditions and educational empowerment have enabled this change. With the result, the percentage of working couples also has increased.

This inevitable change, while making families of such couples economically vibrant, also has brought other stress related issues. Spouses,  who fail to have a work-family balance, are the most affected. A sizable percentage of such couples, do suffer challenges in their marital relationship. It is essential to understand the steps one need to take, to keep the marriage intact.

Have faith in your partner and share your mind

It is important for such spouses, to take the help of their life partner, to understand and analyze the stress causing elements, in their daily life. Instead of fuming and brooding within oneself, such one to one information exchange, will earn the sympathy of the partner and may even bring an amicable solution. It is also proved,  such faith and understanding between the spouses, improves the relationship to a greater extent.

Discuss to understand your stress

The first real step in tackling the problem is, to understand the cause for the dodgy stress. More often, the stressed out spouses, may find it difficult to hit upon the real cause  for the stress. If it is not explained properly, there are chances that your partner may find it difficult to understand the reason, for your stress. Such a situation is normal. It is essential for both the partners to have faith on the other, to discuss the issue threadbare. It is often found that a changed approach to the stress ,without any pre-conceived notion by the partner, assists in understanding the real cause of the stress, thus resulting in a speedy solution.

Take the help of a friend

If you are one, who will spend more time with your friends than with your partner, do not hesitate to take their help. But, please remember that this attempt known as 'turning away behavior' during the time of stress, will cause more damage to your marital life and make your partner suffer, the ignominy in silence. On the contrary, keeping him/her posted about your intention, improves the relationship and helps your partner, to give his mind of advice.

Never suffer in silence

It is found that suffering a silence stress, suffocates and increases the frustration level. The non exchange of information, by the stressed, often induces a sense of rejection, leading increased level of anger. Such an angler, when vented on the parter, increases the gap between them.

Try to figure out work life balancing

Most of the stressed, who fail to have the work life balancing capability, found to spend less time with their family. Most of them, were found wedded to the office, become workaholic, by taking a fancy for using email, cell phone. Such long absence from home, causes friction between the partners.

Participating in family activities

It is an established fact that people who don't carry their workspace related worries to home, suffer less stress than those who carry it. Such spouses, were able to schedule the activities of their family, meticulously and able to spend more time, with their children. Their participation in family activities, helps them to remain away from  work enabled stress and assist them to manage both the home and the office with ease.


It is essential for the working couple to understand that stress is a part of their daily life. The sooner they learn to handle the stress and introduce work and life balancing act efficiently, the better will be their marriage life. Communicating the stress, without inhibition with the life partner and seeking their help, improves the affection between the couple and endures their marriage life.