Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Know and Respect I & WE Privacies of Your Spouse for a Successful Marriage

Misunderstanding between the couple and resultant divorce is slowly gaining its momentum in India. In a good percentage of such cases, lack of privacy and  invasion on privacy are attributed as reasons. The binding point in a marriage is a feeling of sympathetic understanding of the differences between the partners and giving room for the privacy.It is found that the couples who respect their I and We privacy enjoys a successful marriage and a career.
I Privacy
 The first casualty in an Indian marriage is the privacy of the individuals. This does not go well with the present day generation especially the brides. Most of the families, continue to have a false notion that the marriage gives a husband and his family, an unlimited access to the privacy of the bride.  The bride of today who enjoy equal importance at work place and outside, look forward to having such privacy after her marriage too. She is in no mood to compromise on it totally and lose it permanently. She anticipates that her husband, who continue to enjoy his privacy domain, should take enough steps to extend such privacy to her too. In rare of the rarest cases only, a husband compromises on his privacy and allows intrusion by his wife.
Some Touchy areas of I privacy
The present day woman, when becomes a house maker, always likes to continue her friendship with her college mates, female and male office friends and others. She looks forward to have a private talk with them the way she had it before her marriage. She wants to have private moments with her parents and her family. She prefers to continue with her tastes about, reading books, watching movies or listen to music. She likes to remain undisturbed, when not in the mood. Above all she looks forward to continue with her private savings, while contributing to the family kitty. Most of them being a single child to their parents, want to financially help their parents, when they are in need.
It is very pleasant to find some of the present day couples have have really understood the essentiality about the I privacy. Such progressive couples incline to enter the I privacy of her/his partner only when asked. They have learned to respect the career prospects, travel, office timings of their partner by understanding the I privacy. But a marriage is not limited to I privacy alone. If they want their marriage to be strong and resonating, they must move further to understand the WE privacy.
We Privacy
The We privacy, is a private domain of the married couple. They must own the domain for themselves alone without allowing anyone such as their children, parents, relatives and friends to enter it without permission. The WE privacy includes their private finance, family setting plans, career plans and others. Unfortunately most of the couples are not aware of the WE privacy. The non-existence of WE privacy, will enable any of the family members, to enter the supposed to be the private domain of the couple and make a state of confusion and disorderliness. Most of the times either of the families try to own the responsibility of the marriage discarding the welfare of the couple.
It is absolutely essential for any newly married couple to understand the I privacy and WE privacy of his/her spouse. Changing what your spouse loves or likes to follow will not bring you the success in marriage. The success will come automatically once you learn to appreciate and respect his/her privacy. Consider them as necessary spices that adds flavor to the marriage and never as constraints.It is established that only such couple continues to enjoy the bliss of marriage without heartburn.