Saturday, 12 January 2013

Request to Widower, Widow, Divorcee to Propose Similar Alliance Seekers

The outlook of the Indian society, especially towards the widowed or divorced marriages, has changed for the better. While, the divorced and widowed men never had problems in their remarriage, the remarriage of widowed and divorced women, still remain a daunting task. It is an irony that the society is taking a blind look, at the growing instances of divorced or widowed men marrying never married women. The reverse, i.e., a widowed or divorced woman marrying a never married man, though very rare, is always looked upon as unethical.

As pointed out by Mrs.Meera Nagarajan, the CEO and Executive Director of KM Matrimony, in her speech, at an organized event of Kalyanamalai, more number of divorced or widowed men in the society, continue to seek only a never married woman as life partner. She explained, how the same men continue to have reservations, in allowing the marriage of their unmarried sister or daughter to a divorced or widowed male. She has suggested for a change in the mindset of such males and requested them to marry, only a widowed or divorced woman. Her thought-provoking remarks has certainly evoked a good response from the participants at the meet.

It is an undeniable fact that a male who marries for the second time, will not have the same level of thrill or spark he had in his first marriage. It is applicable to a divorced or widowed woman too. If a never married woman marries a divorced or widowed male, she will miss the very charm of the marriage, when she finds the diminished level of participation from her partner. Only in the rarest or rare cases of such marriages the spark is found intact, to make the woman happy and contented.

In some of the cases, the remnants of their past marriage haunts such men and make them lose their cool. It becomes a chronic problem for them to hold their emotions, when they find their new partner, unknowingly attempts anything did by their divorced or dead wife. it takes the divorced a good amount of time to come out of their past marriage or severe the ties.

While the first time married couple can afford to have an exclusive family life of their own, it goes sorely missing, when a divorced or widowed male marries a never married woman. While for such woman, the marriage and the family remains an exclusive affair, it is no more exclusive for the male who has already tasted it.

The parents or relatives have a role in arranging marriages should desist from giving their consent for a marriage between a divorced or a widowed male with a never married woman. They must use their wise counsel to prevent such marriages.

It is always advisable for a widowed or divorced man to marry another widowed or divorced woman. Both of them must learn to bury their past unresolved problems with their diseased or divorced wife or husband and start their life afresh. They must quickly learn, the art of communicating or loving their partner in a neutral way that is acceptable for both. They must learn to go all the way to satisfy the need of their partner.
They must learn to realise that it is only their faith on the other, uninhibited communication, effective steps to bury their past, self-examination of their past mistakes to stop repeating them will make their marriage gratifying and long lasting.