Saturday, 12 January 2013

Are You Newly Married or About to Marry… Learn to Communicate Better

Most of us think that we have better communication skills when we win over an argument or prove what is right or wrong among our own peers in the office. Some of us will always feel proud, elated and think it as essential to win any argument. If you are single, still unmarried or married very recently, it is time you change the ideas about your remarkable communication skills.

Communication between a married couple is different from that of your communication at the office or with your friends. Proper communication between the couple, is critical to improve the affinity between them and to keep their marriage life enjoyable. A right communication between the couple, will convey mutual understanding, confidence and above all the level of trust between them.

Lend Your Ear:

The basic of any good communication is lending an ear to the other during a conversation. You must do it with undivided attention and without unnecessary interruption. Paying attention to the conversation increases the confidence level of your partner and will prompt him/her to act similarly. Such an activity, while increase the bondage between the couple also helps in sustaining their marriage intact even after many years or for a life time.

Share Your Mind:

It is a fact that everyone will continue to have his/her unexplored and hidden thoughts and ideas for life. Having such thoughts or ideas will not harm any one as long as it is not having a bearing on one’s marriage life. But it is essential to share one’s thoughts, aspirations and dreams about the marriage life with his/her partner . Such sharing improves the confidence levels between them and allows the partners to know the other better.

Never Use Hurting Words

You must remember that people including you are sensitive to uttered words. It is essential to share the words that hurts you and know the words that hurts your life partner. Non-using of such words, even during heated arguments, will allow such arguments to end quickly without resurfacing. Never try to win over your partner, by using those words that hurt her/him.

Manage your Unspoken Communication

While the cordial verbal communication between the couple keeps the marriage intact and enjoyable, proper understanding of the non-verbal communication known as gestures improves their every day life better . You must know, how your facial expression and body language hurts your partner and vice-versa. It is not a difficult art to learn what your partner wants to convey through the eye movement and physical gestures. Also remember gestures such as a tight hug or a confidence increasing appreciative pat plays a major role in improving the silent communication between the partners.