Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Varanthedum Peruvizha & Kalyanamalai SUN TV Shooting Coimbatore

The Varanthedum Peruvizha and the Kalyanamalai SUN TV Shooting organised by KM Matrimony under its Kalyanamalai banner recently at Coimbatore received good response from anxious parents.

The Varanthedum Peruvizha organised at Sri Baladevdas Kikani Vidyamandir; Coimbatore on 19th August included Vivaha Prarthana and a Mega Community Meet for 12 communities. Community leaders, presidents, and secretaries of communities such as Naidu, Reddiar, Yadava, Pillai, Nadar, Balija/Gavara, Viswakarma, Chettiar, Mudhaliar, Adhi Dravida and Kongu Vellala participated in large numbers in the Varanthedum Peruvizha and honoured us.

The Vivaha Prarthana exclusively arranged to benefit trouble free early marriage for everyone started at 8.00 AM in the morning with Vigneswara Pooja to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganapathi. Those who have assembled there have prayed for a trouble-free marriage to their son, daughter, sister, brother, relative and friend. The large participation of members showed their faith in offering the mass prayer. Kalyanamalai has arranged for individual sankalpam for all the participants to ensure reaching of the pooja and homam benefits to everyone.

Well-educated and experienced Vedica Scholars performed the sahasrana nama archana for Sri Swayamvara Parvati respectfully chanting the 1008 names of her. It was followed by the conducting of Haridhra Ganapathi Homam, Sudharsana Homam, Sri Swayamvara Parvati Homam and Navagriha homam. The homams are performed to do away the barriers of marriage, ward off Dosha problems, to benefit everyone with good health and money to perform their family marriage. A special Natchathra Homam to please the lord of every natchathiram was arranged to benefit everyone. The conducted homams were concluded with Poorna Ahuthi.

Sri. A.M.Rajagopalan of Kumudham Jothidam, who came to Coimbatore exclusively to grace the function blessed everyone participated at the prarthana and homam. He said, “According to Swami Chinmayanandha one should have done good amount of Punya services to be born in India also known as Bharatha Desam. For the people in other countries, pregnancy is just a biological change in a mother but for the Indian mother it is a penance. The child gets spiritually blessed right from its days in the womb of its mother. It is ideologically right for everyone to get to marry at the appropriate age. He added that Kalyanamalai Mohan did a yeoman service by assisting in the marriage among the people at the right age. He blessed Mohan and his family and blessed everyone assembled at the Vivaha Prarthana for a speedy marriage in their family. The arranged Homams and Poojas gave solace and satisfaction to all the participants and prasadams were distributed to everyone.

The Mega Community Meet organised for the 12 communities received larger participation from the respective communities.The participants willingly participated in the meet to find a suitable life partner to their own or near ones. Kalyanamalai took initiatives to introduce each one of the participants among their particular community thus making a solid base for further progress. The community meet enabled the participants from each community to meet the known and unknown within their community and make a heart to heart talk while searching for a suitable bride or groom.

Those who have registered for the event received a matching list with photos of the registered profiles to commence their bride or groom search immediately. The large number of participants from various communities clearly indicates the increased level of their faith in Kalyanamalai. Mohan and Meera Nagarajan have stated that while the ever increasing level of faith in the activities of Kalyanamalai will also encourage them to continue their responsibilities more perfectly.

Kalyanamalai – SUN TV Shooting

Following the Mega Community Meet Kalyanamalai – SUN TV shooting took place at Coimbatore Corporation Community Hall, in R.S.Puram, Coimbatore on 20th August 2012.

In the morning, a large number of participants have attended the shooting of the bride or groom introduction program conducted by Kalyanamalai Mohan. The Kalyanamalai program since its inception has assisted all the participants to get married thus achieving 100% success.

A Pattimandram lead by Solventhar Suki Sivam and participated by Thiru Sivakumar, Thiru Manohar, Thiru Shanmugam, Thiru Seshadri, Tmt Dharini and Tmt Soumia took place at the venue. The program started with a welcome address by Ms.Meera Nagarajan. Thiru N.S. Viswanathan – Regional Director RBI, Thiru K Mahesh, Director RmKV, Thiru S Pattabiraman, G.M. Corporation Bank and Thiru T Narayanan, Annai Builders, lighted the Kuthuvilakku at the beginning of the program. Kalyanamalai Mohan Proposed a vote of thanks at the end.