Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Features of a Successful Matrimonial Website

The sheer reach and convenience of Internet has shrunk the world and brought the reach of everything to one’s finger tips. The access has enabled the evolution of a number of online businesses and one such business is online matrimony. It is one of the online businesses, where the tradition is linked with technology. The increased use of online matrimonial portals is attributed to literal collapsing of conventional family networks, frequent professional movement among the younger generation and the prolific penetration of the Internet.

Though a number of matrimonial websites have mushroomed using dotcom boom and the growth of online banking, only a limited number of them continued to thrive and grow. It is essential to understand what makes such websites successful.

Easy Registration Process

The easy registration process to complete the registration in one go without arduous back tracking is one aspect that attracts increased number of visitors.

User friendly interface:

Users prefer websites that offer user friendly and smooth interface to wade through various options.

Increased choice of profiles:

The ultimate idea of any matrimonial website user is to find their soul mate easily and quickly. The availability of increased number of profiles in every category enables the user such quick option.

Classification of Profiles:

Classification of profiles under appropriate categories such as community, caste, age profession and personal preferences enables a registered user to narrow down his or her options to find their life partner easily.

Level of security:

A successful matrimonial website always cares for the privacy of the registrants. The security options such as photo and profile protection, access permission etc increases the confidence of the registered users.

Profile Matching facilities:

As a facility matrimonial websites have installed horoscope or kundalini matching software to meet the requirement of the conventional alliance seekers. This feature enables such traditional users and others to narrow down their choice of selection.

Success Stories:

The success of a matrimonial website is often gauged by the number of marriages concluded using the website. The portals encourage such married couples to post their marriage success stories in the website. Such posted stories increase the credibility of a matrimonial website.

Use of other Promotional Vehicles

A majority of the online matrimonial companies make promotions only to increase the database of their registered users. Only a very few companies use their other promotional vehicles such as TV, Magazine and Ground Events to promote the profiles of the users.