Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Art of Making a Marriage Successful

Making a marriage successful and working for the happiness of the couple is not a big issue. Any couple can achieve it with an inclination to understand his or her partner and a willingness to compromise. No marriage is complete without heartburn, confusion and problems and no couple will have the same likes and dislikes, mental attitude, faiths and view.

It is also a fact that marriage life will lack liveliness and will be devoid of all its charm if there are no conflicts or arguments between the couples. For a successful marriage, it is important to sort out all the differences and troubling issues within a short time-frame instead of mentally carrying them all through the life.

Respecting the Self-respect

Recent statistics on ‘Women workforce in India’ indicates that nearly 26.1% of the rural women and 13.8% of the urban women are employed. This confirms that almost every third woman who is getting married is employed. It is heartening to note that the percentage of independent women is increasing and such employed women are willing to share the family responsibilities along with the men.

Most of the current day newly married working couple have learnt the art of respecting other’s sentiments, opinions and views. They are careful in not hurting the self-pride of the other. They are able to have frank discussions on the disturbing demeanor of the partner if any, to sort it out. They also have learnt to tolerate and live with those deep-rooted habits of their partners with understanding. It is only those couples who fail or refuse to have such understandings fail in their married life.

Managing Money

Another important aspect that makes or mars a marriage is managing money. When both the partners are earning, it is essential to have a frank discussion about the handling of finance. An outspoken discussion on the total income, expenses, and savings will help to have a smoother running. Understanding couples are able to apportion the money for contingency expenses, medical expenses, unexpected travel, children’s education and entertainment and manage the issue successfully.

Caring Parents

The practices of the single-child norms by the parents have resulted in single child families. Being the only daughter or only son for their parents the bride or groom always offer proper respect to their in-laws. Unlike the earlier years, the married women are able to extend even financial support to their aged parents.

It is inspiring to note that the current-day couples are able to care their parents both individually and collectively. They are able to handle this caring part deftly without creating differences between the in-laws. It is also becoming common that both the families live together in a single house when the married -couple work or live abroad.

Removing Ideological Barrier and Managing Difference of Opinion

Another right step for a successful marriage is conflict management. The basic element for an effective conflict management is to get trained to put across your ideas properly and keep-up utmost patience in listening. It is crucial to listen to your spouse when she or he expresses anguish or ire. While it is important to discuss and sort-out the differences without delay, it is also prudent to postpone it when it becomes emotional.

The couples always should have an open heart to listen without relating the present conflict with the past. It is a fact that some of the conflicts will at no time get solved and remain forever. Never ever try to trace and go back to relate those old conflicts with the one that has arisen recently. Your winning the conflict or establishing the right need not be at the cost of hurting your spouse. Learn not to make personal remarks upon the character of your spouse or his or her family. Your choice of words should carry the sympathy and an expression that understand the pain of your spouse. Do away with that stonewalling attitude and allow free flow of emotions to sort out the difference at the very first opportunity.
Never allow your differences to erode your individual profile or create a wild impression about you to others.

Fulfilling Emotional & Personal Needs

The emotional and personal needs for a man and woman are not similar. Men constantly fall flat when his accomplishments are accepted, appreciated, admired and approved. He will invariably look for someone to trust and confide his feelings and emotions. The women, on the other hand, will unfailingly look for respect, care, understanding, and ardent love. She will always remain devoted to anyone who is truthful and supportive. The couple who had understood these basics will unhesitatingly oblige to the emotional needs of his or her partner. Never encourage violence in any form during the heated conflicts.

Sex between the couple is no more a taboo. It is essential for the couple to stay open, mentally grow and even go to an extra mile to understand the personal need of the partner. In case of experiencing any inadequacy do not hesitate to seek the advice from a doctor or an expert.


Learn to live a healthy life. Your healthy life should include a healthy and fit body and an energetic mind. Promote and advocate the personal growth of your spouse. Develop a sense of humour and be creative in having it every day. Always remain cheerful and learn to live your day completely with satisfaction with no hangover of your past.