Tuesday, 20 November 2012

More Number of Parents Find Matrimonial Websites Convenient

In India finding a suitable match for their son or daughter is a natural domain of the parents. Conventionally parents were using their close relatives and known friends as a primary source for finding the probable match. Until few years ago, the Sunday matrimonial advertisements in leading vernacular as well as English dailies will normally be their hunting grounds for a bride or groom. During such searches lot of importance is given for family values, education of the bride or groom, type of job and the working environment. Above all matching of horoscopes played a crucial role for pursuing a chosen profile match.

The trend has underwent a radical change. A majority of the present-day parents have found the matrimonial websites as a good and confident alternative.  The spreading of internet culture and availability of broadband facility even in remote villages is the reason behind the change. While the tech-savvy parents register in the websites confidently on their own, the villager, at a far-off-place uses the services of their educated son or daughter to register and view the profiles. It is very interesting to note that even the traditional marriage brokers depend more on matrimonial websites to find suitable matches for the wards of their clients.

Indian matrimonial websites have played a stellar role in ushering the change. The matrimony websites in India instead of aping such websites in other countries have devised and designed their websites to adequately meet the requirements of any tech-savvy but conventional Indian parent. The websites seek any new registrant to give details such as name, date of birth, education, caste and community details, family background, employment, their likes and dislikes, the preferences about his or her life partner, horoscope, and photo in addition to their contact details. Such details adequately serve the requirements of a parent searching for a suitable life-partner for their son or daughter.

Though the Indian matrimonial websites allow everyone to register free, only the paid members are given privileges such as viewing the member profile, photo and contact details of all the registered members.  Each matrimonial company offers a range of schemes to match the budget of individual registrants.

More and more parents are clamoring for the use of matrimonial web sites for the following valid reasons.

  1. The matrimonial websites assist the parents to continue with the system of arranged marriages.
  2. The profile details are arranged under proper classified headings enables the parents a number of choices to choose the best life partner.
  3. The facilities of viewing and matching the horoscopes online make their search easy
  4. The parents who have settled abroad are still able to find a suitable match for their son or daughter in India.
  5. For the parents who are touchy about displaying the profile and details of their daughter or son in a public domain, such matrimonial websites provides them enough tools to display the profiles only on permission to the chosen one.

But, the matrimonial websites always warn the parents to double-check any profile and cross check the details before initiating the actual matrimonial alliance.