Tuesday, 20 November 2012

For Youngsters Matrimonial Websites are No More a Taboo

A recent submission made in the IFHE 2012 World Congress (International Federation for Home Economics) indicates that in India around 69% of the unmarried men and 32% of the unmarried women use matrimonial websites to find his or her life partner. This is an interesting change in a country where the weekend matrimonial advertisements continues to dominate.

However, this change did not happen overnight. It took several years for the matrimonial websites to understand the pulse of the younger Indians and balance it with the prevailing conventional background to offer a package. Furthermore, it took time for the websites to shake off some of the misconceived opinions of the users such as the online websites are meant for old and difficult to get married, too arduous to complete the formalities and not for the educated and qualified. It did not deter the matrimonial websites to develop, change and perfect the sites to meet almost all the demands of the young user.

The present day matrimonial websites offer every registrant a range of options during the registration process. The websites list the profiles under religion, caste, and employment categories while safeguarding the interests of the registered people. The options help the registrants to almost narrow on his or her perfect choice of life partner. The websites provide the registered users the option of keeping their profile free for everyone’s view or password restrict their details and photo for the view of chosen few.

It is an undeniable fact that the matrimonial websites literally freed the time crunched younger generation from allocating their time exclusively for the partner search. The range of registered and existing profiles offers them an opportunity to view and know the individual details and preferences and zero on their life partner virtually from any place. The virtual viewing enables them to go through the profiles leisurely, choose and further interact with them.

Currently, the younger generation does not consider registering with a matrimonial website a taboo. They find it an easy place to share their profile with the like-minded people to help in their search for a perfect life partner.