Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Glimpse at Kalyanamalai Vivaha Prarthana Pooja and its Benefits

KM Matrimony regularly arranges ‘Vivaha Prarthana’ as a key component of its ‘Varan Thedum Peruvizha’ program held under its Kalyanamalai banner. The prarthana a mass prayer enables the parents who are anxious about the marriage of their son or daughter or those who suffer from delayed marriage to join and collectively pray for redress. The mass prarthana has proved to have the power to remove all the obstacles in performing a marriage.
KM Matrimony as a matrimonial service provider always believes in the wisdom of our culture and tradition. It considers that by conducting Vivaha Prarthana it can help the marriage seekers in the early happening of their marriage. Such prarthanas arranged at various locations all over the Tamil Nadu always draw a huge participation.
In the traditional sankalpam performed at the beginning of the prarthana each participant announces his heartfelt involvement in seeking benefits of the performed poojas.m We have seen thousands of people joining such a Sankallpams praying for a trouble-free and early marriage to their son, daughter, brother, sister, relative or a friend.
The ever-increasing number of participants during such a Sankalpams clearly demonstrates their faith in Vivaha prarthana and the growing number beneficiaries of such prarthana. Well educated, trained and experienced vedic scholars especially chosen for the purpose will conduct the Vivaha Prarthana poojas.
The program always starts with the conventional Vigneswara Pooja to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganapathi for smooth conducting of the program. The Sahasra Nama archana for Swayamvara Parvathi by pronouncing her 1008 sacred names follows it. For the purpose of archana Lord Siva and Parvathy are portrayed as Udvaganathar and Kokilambal of Thirumanancheri where the earthly marriage of Shiva and Parvathi took place. During the archana a vedic schollar will use ‘swarna kamalam’ (silver lotus flower dipped in gold) for the archana. Other chosen purohits will use flowers and all the participants will use kumkumam to perform archana. At the end of the archana the kumkumam used by the devotees is collected and submitted at the feet of the deity seeking her blessings.
The performed Haridra Ganapathi Homam will protect the devotees from harmful energies and offer disease-free life. The Lakshmi Kubera Homam will bless the devotees with relief from debts, success in life, financial growth and luxuries of life. The Sudarshana Homam included in the pooja saves the devotees from miseries, bless them with positive vibrations to win over the enemies.Sri Swayamvara Parvathi Homam performed during the occasion will remove all the obstacles for those seeking a happy marriage, bless them with happy married lifeand especially benefit women with successful married life. The Navagraha homam offers the blessings of all the navagrahas, bring luck to every one and give relief from all the sufferings.
After completing all the homams a Poorna Ahuthi is performed. In order to please Agni the god of fire during the Poornahuthi sandal paste, kumkum, herbs, fruits, dry coconut, dry fruits, blouse, vasthirams, silk saree along with flower garlands are offered. After performing the neiveidhya, ‘Shotasa Upasaras’ performed, to signify the completion of pooja and Maha Deeparadhanai follows it. At the end, the pooja prasadams are distributed to the assembled devotees.