Thursday, 13 June 2013

SUN TV Kalyanamalai Shooting – Erode

KM Matrimony has conducted its  SUN TV – Kalyanamalai shooting at Platinum Mahal, RN Pudhur, Erode on 8th June 2013. The shooting is being first such shooting in Erode, the advance announcement about the program had created lots of enthusiasm among the people living in Erode and places close by to it. A good number of marriage aspirants had applied well in advance to take part in the profile introduction shooting  and get introduced by Thiru Kalyanamalai Mohan. Incidentally, Kalyanamalai program coincided with the inauguration of the Platinum Mahal.

The program started with Vivaha Prarthana a joint prayer organized for the early marriage of the marriage aspirants. A good number of parents with their son or daughter have participated in the Sankalpam with all the faith and prayed for the early marriage. The Prarthana started around 7.00 AM  with Harithra Ganapathi Homam seeking the blessings of Ganapathi for a prosperous life, Gubera Mahalakshmi Homam to attain wealth, Sri Swayamvara Parvathi Homam and Sahasranama Archanai for hurdle free early marriage, Navagraha Homam to get rid of chevvai, sarpa graha dosham and ended around 10.30 AM with the completion of Poorna Ahuthi.
Around 70 marriage aspirants turned up to the location with their parents, guardian or friends to take part in the profile introduction shooting. They very happily interacted with Kalyanamalai Mohan during the introduction shooting and sought his blessings for an early marriage.  The unique SUN TV – Kalyanamalai program running on its 13th year has assisted over 85% of the marriage aspirants participated in the program with a happy married life.

The SUN TV – Kalyanamalai shooting program started with the welcome address of Thamizharasi Damodaran. Thirumathi Meera Nagarajan introduced the invited honourable guests during the lighting of divine lamp and the inauguration of the function and Thiru Kalyanamalai Mohan spoke his mind.

A large gathering of people from Erode and nearby places eagerly joined the pattimandram program Chaired by Prof. Ramachandran and participated by Actor Director Pandiarajan, Mr. Sivakumar, Prof. Jeyanthasri, Ms.Nalini Sampathkumar, Ms.Bhuvana Seshan and Actor Vishwa. The participants made their presentation on the interesting topic ‘Whether the present  conditions are conducive  for people with good qualities to survive and lead a with good morals’. Prof. Ramachandran concluded saying that it is still possible for the  people with good qualities survive.