Monday, 18 March 2013

Understand the Issues Related to Late Re-marriages

Remarriage is no more a taboo. The mindset of the people has distinctly changed about the remarriages. The society is no more averse about it and has started to accept such remarriages as normal and do not make much fuss about them. A remarriage assures the widowed and divorced people, their right to have a lifetime companion.

Even those in their late forties or early fifties, who have become single due to the death of their life partner or divorce, are trying to remarry and lead a normal family life. Every one of them are in the lookout of a compatible life partner, with an adjustable mindset, to make their second round of marriage a success.

It is essential to understand the issues related to second marriages. Unlike a first marriage, the second marriage is little more complicated and need a cautious approach. It is a must to have pre-marital counselling, to discuss all the issues threadbare and arrive at a conclusion to achieve success in the remarriage.

Understanding the real reason

He or she should know and realize the real reason to opt for the remarriage. The couple who intends to join a remarriage should know what they actually look for in their second marriage? They must find out whether the re-marriage decision is taken to have a father or mother or a family for their children, to increase their financial security or just to bring them a mental solace. They must also be aware of the implications of such remarriage over their private life.

Issues Related to Children

Most of the single parents who opt for a late re-marriage will normally have children. It is essential to make the children understand the reason for your opting a second marriage and get their confidence before going ahead with the marriage. The children must be explained and assured on how their interests will be protected, even after the remarriage. Taking children into confidence and getting their consent will greatly assist in the smooth functioning of the second marriage.

While discussing the subject related to children, the issues and details related to handling the affairs of each other’s children, need to be discussed threadbare. The couple must have a clear understanding, whether each one will handle their own children or will have the common right to handle the affairs of the partner’s children. If they agreed to have the right over their partner’s children then they must know the extent of their rights.

Handling other dependents

Another tricky issue in a late remarriage is the handling and managing the elderly dependent parents. A detailed discussion addressing the issues such as continuing their present lifestyle, food habits, compromises if any required to be made by either of the partners. Only a sympathetic approach with an understanding about the problems related to their old age will help in taking a wise decision.

Health and Medical issues

It is crucial for the couple undergoing the remarriage to understand each other’s health related issues and medical attention needed to address them. Such an understanding will help them to be aware of other’s problems, remain prepared and take the required medical insurance or health packages to address the issues.

Savings and Investments

Effective handling of each one’s savings and investment issues help the remarriage in a longer run. If any of the partners is wealthier than the other, then it will increase the chances for the other partner to become greedy. It will always be hard for them to reach an understanding on finance handling at least during the initial stages of remarriage. It is essential for both the partners to follow restraint during the period and reach an amicable agreement. The handling of finance and savings will become more complicated if any of the partners have a number of children than the other or have no children. Preparing a common will is expected to solve most of the problems related distribution of their property among their children.


Most of the issues related to a late remarriage can be addressed by the partners having confidence in each other. It is essential to discuss the details with a competent marriage counselor and thrash out the differences to earn the confidence of their children, parents and other relatives. Such counselling with an an all-inclusive discussion will increase the confidence level among the remarried couple and make their remarriage a success.