Saturday, 12 January 2013

Parents Should Desist Arranging Marriage to Son with Masculine Disability

A marriage, is viewed as an action of law, to encourage intimate social relationship between a female and a male. It is the most significant social institution ever found by the human society. Individuals marry for a range of reasons, which include social, economic, emotional, and religious reasons and above all to fulfill the sexual urge or desire. The reasons are common to both a female and a male. The last reason has the prime importance, because, it ultimately leads to the culmination of the marriage.

While it is easy for the marrying partner to identify and confirm the validity of the social, economic, emotional and religious reasons before the marriage, the issue related to libido of the partner, is often known only after the marriage. The result leads to either consummation of the marriage or divorce with unconsummated marriage as reason. More often, it is the wife who is subjected such mental trauma and very rarely the husband.

The marriage of a woman with a man with masculine disability shatters her marriage dreams. She is subjected to unneeded mental trauma and a societal ignominy for no fault of hers. Unlike a male who opt to go open and claim for a divorce wasting no time, she suffers mentally for months before opening up with her problem. In a country, where discussing sex in open is still considered a taboo, she often finds it difficult to open it up, even with her own parents. The stigma attached to dishonoring of male pride, troubles her a lot her before she decides to open up.

The problem becomes more complicated, if she is from a poor family and married to a rich groom. The matter is more often get suppressed from surfacing. Ultimately the unfortunate woman ends up becoming irritable, downhearted and gloomy.

Mrs.Meera Nagarajan, the CEO and Executive Director of KM Matrimony, with a deep understanding of the problem has suggested for an effective role by the parents of a man with masculine disability. She requested them to understand the problems faced by a girl who undergoes such a marriage. She suggested the parents to seek the opinion of a competent doctor before taking a decision to marry their son to someone.